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MGT723 Research Project Assessment Answers

MGT723 Assignment Answers

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MGT723 Task Answers

Building on the skills and knowledge gained in the previous studies, this course provides the opportunity of planning as well as undertaking a substantial research based project of relevance to the students as practicing or future managers. This will help the students in considering the complications of the issues of research and the methods in the field of business, for gaining a firsthand experience at exploring the available literature as well as devising the process for diagnosing as well as altering a managerial situation.

The course will offer some video lectures along with the practice activities as well as quizzes for helping the students remembering more through having an interaction with the materials. The course will start through looking at the way of getting started with the research. The student will learn the way of deciding if the topic idea is good or bad and the way of writing strong questions of research.

This will help them in setting off in the correct direction and not waste time on wrong ideas. Then the kind of sources which are needed in the academic research will be covered up so that the students know what they are looking for and can find them quickly as well as efficiently. The students will learn to evaluate what they need with the help of 5 criteria which will help them see weakness in the sources like the logical errors and many more. This will help in enhancing the research through enabling the students to recognise which sources they can depend on for the support and which ones should be avoided.

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The course will cover up everything that is needed to be known by the students to write in the literature review. The students will find out what has to be written and the way of structuring it. The students will establish the writing skills that will be needed for successfully discussing the sources like rewording, paraphrasing, summarising, finding out the trends in literature and many more. The course will also cover up referencing and the way of avoiding plagiarism so that the students can know what is allowed and what is not. This saves them from a lot of trouble.

Unit Details:

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MGT723

Brief of the Assessment:

For majority of the students, doing a research project is one of the most difficult parts of studying at the university. But it is not important to be overwhelming. With the tools taught in the course, students can take the pressure off them and make the journey more enjoyable.

In this course, the students will be walked through each step of writing the research paper project with some real life examples from the research that is published by the end of the course, the students will easily be able to write their master’s, PhD or undergraduate projects will confidence as they will know exactly what has to be written in each section. The subject of management research methodology is very challenging as well as complicated.

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Any practitioner or student of management research is beguiled by uncertainties in the identification as well as search of the research problems, intrigued through the ramifications of the research design as well as cofounded by the obstacles in getting proper data and applications of the analysis of data. In this course, the participants will be provided a general overview of the analysis of business along with the process as well as standards of project management, then delve into the depth of the way in which the requirements of the business planning as well as management fit in to these process and how specific tools and techniques are applied for the success of a project.

One of the most important and effective method of delivering products or online services in the constraint of scope, cost as well as schedule is project management. in the management of projects, the roles of the business analysts has increased in significance over time due to the complications of the integration of the new technologies as well as new processes in dynamics as well as ever changing environment of business.

Management research methodology- Integration of the principles, methods as well as techniques seeks a balanced treatment of these entire areas and blends problem solving techniques, aspects of creativity, mathematical modelling as well as qualitative approaches for presenting the subject of management research methodology in a lucid as well as very easily understandable manner. In the world in which the marketplaces are constantly being disrupted by technological innovation, strategic management can be the key for the delivery of a strong bottom line.

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Learning outcomes:

  • Be able to select a great topic of research and avoid the bad ones that would waste the time.
  • Learn the strategies of research so that students can find the information which they need very quickly for answering the research questions.
  • Know the way of identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of the sources that they can make significant as well as intelligent comments in their literature review.
  • Impress the leader through writing the abstract as well as introduction like a professional academic, with the use of the similar type of paragraph structures as well as expressions.
  • Show advanced critical thinking skills through learning the developed criteria needed when assessing all kinds of sources.
  • Avoid common mistakes that are made through inexperienced researchers.
  • Get clear models that can be applied in a logical manner for organising each section of the dissertation or research project from starting to the end.

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Weightage of the MGT723 Course Code in the Semester:

Assessment Task


Individual assessment


Group assessment


End of semester test


This unit is graded. The overall grade will be calculated through the grades or the marks for each MGT723 assessment answers, on the basis of the relative weightings displayed in the above table. The students must score overall mark for the unit of at least 50% or an overall grade of “pass” for passing the unit.

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