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MGT601 Masters Honors Research Assessment Answers

MGT601 Assignment Answers

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MGT601 Task Answers

Research is an important aspect of business and business administration. In the contemporary business sphere, market research is an upcoming concept that helps companies to gain a detailed insight into the buying patterns as well as the preferences and market trends that are prevailing among their customers and their operational market. Therefore gaining a holistic knowledge about the market and the customers provide the business a competitive edge over its competitors and also helps the business to remain sustainable in the long run.

Therefore it is important for companies to conduct research so that a particular topic of research can be explored and investigated in great detail. on various occasions, some of the major trends can prove highly negative when explored in detail. Therefore it is important for research to be conducted both academically as well as from a business perspective that helps gain critical knowledge and first hand information on a particular topic.

MGT601 Masters Honors Research Is a holistic unit that provides a detailed perspective on how to conduct research, particularly primary and quantitative in nature. This course will not only provide the students with detailed knowledge on how to conduct research but also will provide deep insights into the various components of research like aims and objectives, research questions, literature review, research methodology, and many more.

Each of these components will be explored and explained in detail to the students to gain holistic knowledge on research particularly in the field of business and business administration. The students will be infused with the knowledge and importance of market research and various aspects of it so that they can also build their careers in this field. as this is a masters level course, it will help the students to increase their employability skills and also become masters of the subject from an academic perspective

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Unit Details:

For completing the course of masters in business administration, this particular unit is of great importance. This will help the students to gain detailed perspectives and opinions on how to conduct research and the various components of it. The course will particularly focus on quantitative methods for business, but it will also focus on various primary methods that can be qualitatively analyzed and assessed.

Some of the major scales and expertise that the students can gain from attending this course is that they can develop their critical thinking skills, they can develop their researching abilities, they can also improve their problem solving and decision making skills as it will help in choosing the right kind of research methodology for a particular type of research, and it will also enhance the data mining skills of the students.

Each of these skills is not only particular to research but will also help the students to improve themselves both personally and professionally. A detailed flow chart in order to explain the wariness components and processes of research will be provided to the students and a step-by-step will be undertaken for explaining them.

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Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MGT601

The learning outcomes of this course include the following:

An introduction to research, market research, and customer insights

Description of the basic aspects and components of research like Aims and objectives, Research questions and research hypothesis, literature review, research methodology, and data analysis

How to decide on the aims and objectives of the research

How to frame the research questions and proposed research hypothesis

How to conduct a literature review

Knowledge on the various components of research methodology like research philosophy, research approach, research design, data collection and sampling techniques, data analysis methods, reliability, and validity, as well as ethical considerations and limitations of the research

The way in which the students can decide on the appropriate research methodology and its components

Data collection methods both primary and secondary

Quantitative data analysis techniques using analytical software like SPSS

Data interpretation, analysis, and discussions

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Brief of Assessments:

The assessments for this unit will be conducted in an authentic manner on campus. Report based assessments will be given to the students in order to assess the preliminary knowledge that they have gained. students will also be required to conduct an extensive dissertation and research proposals have to be submitted as a part of the assessment. Relevant business topics will be included for their dissertations and they have to complete them using quantitative research techniques that have been taught in the lecture modules during the course curriculum.

Business presentations will be required to be provided that will be based on the dissertations and the topic of research. This will require the students to provide the basic and got in trends in the market along with customer insights and business information. the final assessment will be based on the complete dissertation that will be completed during the course module. An extensive evaluation will also be conducted for the software and techniques that they have learned to interpret and analyze the data for deriving logical conclusions.

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Weightage of the MGT601 Course Code in the Semester:

This course unit holds a 50% weightage in the masters honors research degree of the students in the field of business administration.

MGT601 Course experts as well as assignment experts are skilled and trained in such a way so as to provide holistic assistance to the students seeking help for passing their course. The experts will provide tutoring help and will also mentor the students so that they can understand the concepts better and take their tests and assignments effectively. The course concepts will be explained in detail to the learners for them to understand differences between particular components of research methodologies and also the ways in which hypotheses can be proposed as well as proved throughout the course of the research work.

Particular perspectives will also be given on the current business environment so that the students are well versed with the current scenario. The experts will provide employability skills training to the students so that they can not only enrich themselves academically but also prepared themselves for building their career in market research and customer insights.

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