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MGT600 Assessment Answers

MGT600 Managing People and Organisations Assignment Answers

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MGT600 Task Answers

The MGT600 course mainly explores the different functions of the management and critical role of the effective human resource management as well as managing people and organisations. The different students are mainly exposed to the insights from following three business knowledge based streams: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and the Cross-Cultural Management.

Unit Details:

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate & Undergraduate

Unit Code: MGT600

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Brief of Assessment:

The companies in which the people work in the current scenario are quite rich as well as complex organisms wherein there are many interactions, processes and relationships which are being played out on a daily basis. The overall complexity of the interactions makes them quite difficult to be managed and understood. The course majorly focuses on the generalist managers who try to manage the different people- some of them being managed formally- like the subordinates and others in informal manner like the bosses as well as the peers.

At core of the course is the characterization and the discussion of the different functions which are done daily, and the different roles which are being undertaken by the manager. These involve the sense-taking, sense-giving, leading, planning, motivating, and organizing along with decision-making. Each of the unit in the course mainly tries to cover the topic which mainly contributes to the better level of undertaking of the managerial roles.

The reason behind the same is that through this, they will be capable of becoming better manager themselves, for the team and the company. The respective course will be capable of testing the understanding of the different concepts which have been introduced by properly examining the working life. It could be involving the analyzing of the actions, actions of the other people, processes which mainly occur within the company along with the key organizational based contexts.

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The people can be using these activities for evaluating concepts which are needed to be asked to yourself and these are:

  • How useful is the respective idea for me?
  • How can I mainly modify the idea in light of my own experience?
  • How can I be capable of applying the idea in the company?

The overall course is mainly designed for introducing the people with some of the key ideas, issues along with debates regarding the management and also managing others within the company. In each of the unit, there is proper introduction to the new area or issue of the focus, however, remember, each of these topics will be capable of encountering in course can be becoming the main focus for the whole course in itself. The main aim is to provide the flavor or the introduction to each topic. Hopefully, the respective course will be becoming the starting point for the overall understanding of the management and the managing teams, and others rather than just the end of any journey.

The course mainly aims in helping the people develop necessary kind of skills and knowledge which includes analytical, managerial as well as otherwise. This will be suitable for informing the life within organization as the manager. Although significance of the efficient and the effective management is being understood in the well-manner, it is quite remarkable how often the different firms as well as managers fail to achieve the same. The task is being made even more difficult with the proper presence of the changing workforce composition along with workplace arrangements, increasing level of globalization, advancement in the overall technological aspects, intensifying need for the collaboration as well as changing the political, legal, and the social expectations.

The unit mainly introduces the students with the different ways through which the companies, the higher level authorities and the managers try to manage the people and make the business grow. In the 21st century, which is the era of the globalization, the proper level of efficacy and the efficiency becomes the primary elements which should be able to grow in an effective way.

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It will be suitable for outlining the major challenges facing management profession in this 21st century and as a result, it will be giving the people the scope to grow and develop the different prospects successfully. The course mainly uses the interactive exercises, simulations and the problems for developing critical skills in the teamwork, negotiations and the leadership. In this way, the people or the students will be able to gain knowledge and draw insights which will be beneficial in developing the growth prospects successfully.

The organizational behavior course will be suitable for majorly exploring the human behavior at the individual, group and the interpersonal levels which will be giving the proper effectiveness in an accurate way. The course mainly deals with the human behavior in the companies along with the practices and the methods within the companies which will be capable of facilitating or hampering the effective level of behavior. In this manner, the people will be able to gain the required knowledge suitably and as a result, it will be effective in growing tremendously.

The MGT600 course is capable of presenting the central topics in the management theory, research along with application. The same is mainly intended towards the students in gaining the better basis for the understanding, evaluating along with managing the complex companies. The students are mainly asked and taught the skills for solving the different problems based on the management. These are the different elements which will be adopted by the students for scoring good.

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Weightage of the MGT600 Course Code in the Semester:

The MGT600 course mainly incorporates 100% of the marks and the students are required to score a minimum of 50% in order to be qualified for the next round or semester. There will be different divisions done in the word count which includes the referencing style, format and the other elements like writing the report in a specific format. These are the different involvements which carries different marking and the total is of 100 marks which needs to be maintained by the students in their professional career.

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