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MGT 550 Leadership Strategies Assessment Answer

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MGT 550 and Its Attachment to the University

The MGT 550 course code is associated with leadership strategies. The course shall examine and analyze the practices and the theories of the leadership within the organizational environment of the present-day for including the challenges of the management within the organization. Emphasis is placed on the present strategies of the leadership for enhancing both the corporate and the individual productivity which fosters a cohesive environment through improved relations with the employees.

The MGT 550 course code is attached to the Strayer University which is a for profit and private university with the headquarters in the Washington, DC. The university had been found in the year 1892 as the Strayer’s College of Business that later on became the Strayer College prior to being granted the status of the university in the year 1998.

Strayer University seems to operate under holding company known as Strategic Education Inc. that had been established in the year 1996 as well rebranded post the merger with the Capella University. The university seems to enroll over 50,000 students through both the online programs of learning and close to 64 campuses that is being located across the fifteen states of Washington and the United States. The university seems to specialize in degree programs for working adults and seem to offer graduate and an undergraduate degree in business administration, accounting, education, criminal justice, administration of the health service, education, public administration, and technology.

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Unit Details:

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Study level:  Leadership Strategies

Unit code:  MGT 550

Brief of MGT 550 Assessment:

The assessment will aid the student in creating a vision for the customer experience. It is found that various leaders like to communicate where they expect the firm to reach in a matter of three to five years but fails to communicate where they seek their customers to be undergoing in the same time period. Crafting a detailed vision of what the customer's experience will be is vital for effective leadership. It is to be noted here that if the leader fails in communicating the end goal, then they will not be able to board the team. The insights from the course should help the student in building a stronger vision of customer service that can be shared passionately with the employees while the overall vision for the organization is shared. The course code focus on the importance of the adoption of both-way communication. Information has been found to trickle down from the leadership through the firm hierarchy. Leaders serve as the ultimate decision-makers. The course also portrays how regular gathering of feedback from the employees acts as a huge opportunity for growth. They will be able to observe the first-hand improvements and the common problems that the customers might have.

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Weightage of the Course Code in Their Semester

 The course code is basically a part of the curriculum and has grades dependent on it. This course on leadership strategies teaches the students to be passionate. Being passionate does not imply one does not need to pisses a work ethic, it implies the passion that one needs to drive for pushing harder and becoming passionate about certain things. Students also learn how a leader requires to love their work since this allows them in convincing the employees in following the leadership strategies.

A leader who does not like their job shall suck the motivation from employees while creating a depressing atmosphere within the workplace. Students also learn that communication is one of the vital skills whenever it comes to leadership. Students also get to take note of the fact that to become a successful leader it is vital to convey the vision to the employees in a proper way. Understandinafer place where they are able to voice the complaints and the opinion. Students will also be ing the goals not communicating those to the ones working with the leaders is impractical.

Students come to know that communication serves as a two-way street and as a leader one requires to communicate with subordinates. The employees are also required to feel like that one has designed a sformed about the fact that an effective means of promoting communication between the leader and the peers is basically transparency. The transparency seems to encourage the discussion regarding the vitality of the data and aids in improving the routine procedures.

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For instance, if the level of productivity fall then it might act as the chance of making a change. It will also teach the students how a group effort might help in gaining a deeper grasp of a situation which will necessitate the individuals in not only talk freely but honestly. Leadership strategies also aids the students to develop an understanding of the distribution of responsibility. Leaders should be in a position of delegating the authority down chain of the command thereby allowing the employees at every level for making choices.

The division of the responsibilities will allow the student to understand what happens whenever they undertake chances. Students also come to know how it boosts the agility and the intellect of the group. Using expertise beyond the structure of decision-making helps in boosting the collective intelligence of the organization along with resilience and flexibility. It also allows the student to focus on optimism and positivity.

While running an organization it is quite likely to encounter hardships and roadblocks. The hardship is usually in form of economic obstacles which seem to block one’s path or might appear as a dearth of ideas. These hardships can either break or make the career of a person. Students are also provided insight into how they could decide on the obstacles defining the success. They could also consider them as opportunities for honing their underdeveloped skills. Students will further learn how their views on a particular situation could totally transform the environment of the workplace. So it is necessary to look at the brighter side of the things which will allow them in developing a positive attitude as leaders and find a solution to a problem.

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