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MGT501 Business Environment Assessment Answers

MGT501 Assignment Answers

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MGT501 Task Answers

The MGT501 assessment is based on the business environment where in the assessment is divided into two parts. In part A, the student needs to focus on the reflection regarding the motivation for undertaking postgraduate studies and expectations regarding the course and ensure career path. In part B, the student needs to do a short video presentation on their learning experience and thinking and about the evolution during the subject.

Laureate International Universities

The Laureate International Universities is a leading international network of the university that provides higher education across the world. United States has been an integral location for setting up a university and thus Laureate International Universities had planned to set up in United States. There are 75 institutions around the world and among them, Laureate has opened United States’s first private university after 20 years by partnering with Torrens university which is located in Southern United States. Torrens University brings a career-focused and global perspective to United States’s higher education.

It is one of the fastest-growing universities in United States where more than 90 per cent of the student enroll immediately after completing their graduation. There are around 19000 students who are currently enrolled in the university across 115 different countries globally. Moreover, the university has contributed almost 1.2 billion dollars to United States’s GDP and supported more than 2000 full-time equivalent full-time jobs from 2015 to 2018. The university provides multiple study courses from under graduation to post-graduation and in different modes, both on-campus and online and a blend of two modes. Thus, making the university one of the most popular universities in United States.

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Unit Details:

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MGT501

Brief of Assessment:

Assessment Part A

Learning Objective:

  1. The student needs to develop and apply a conceptual understanding of the reflective practice in the business context.
  2. The student needs to critically evaluate economic principles and stakeholders’ viewpoints in business environments.


The assessment is a statement of intent that needs to document the intentions regarding the studies at the university and their effectiveness in professional life. The assessment needs to be a reflective essay and the student need to evaluate, describe analyse their learning experience.

This reflection of the student needs to be based on the following factors which are as follows:

  1. Definition of business
  2. Choosing this course
  3. Experience in this area
  4. How has the previous experience prepared me for this course?
  5. How to ensure that the required outcomes of the course are met?
  6. Managing and monitoring of studies for a successful conclusion.
  7. Application of this coursework in future life.
  8. Goal setting for future related to this course.

Most importantly, the student needs to include a brief description of the initial understanding of the business environment and economic principles. These questions need to be properly analysed and reflect on the paper to complete this assessment.

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Assessment Part B

Learning Objectives:

  1. The student needs to develop and apply a conceptual understanding of reflective practice in the context of the business.
  2. The student needs to critically evaluate the economic principles and stakeholders’ viewpoints in business environments.
  3. The student needs to analyse and synthesise the fundamentals of business in the contemporary environment.
  4. The student needs to construct and justify a professional value proposition as a business practitioner.


It is about the reflection of the student on the learning and the application of the learning in the journey of becoming a business practitioner. In this task, the student has to prepare a minute individual video presentation about their learning experience in this subject comparing and contrasting the individual thinking at the start of the subject versus the end. The focus should be on how this subject has shaped my thinking regarding business and future career aspirations. The student can also include any lessons in the video that they have learned throughout the subject like identifying strategies that can transform their professional life.

The assessment needs to be a complete video presentation and no PowerPoint slides will be allowed in this case. The student needs to find ways of addressing the audience compellingly by paying attention to the audio quality, lighting quality, sincerity of presentation, clarity of the perspective and overall impact. The video should follow a specific reflective model and referencing needs to be done in APA style from at least three academic sources, two newspapers and articles, and others from sustainable websites.

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Weightage of the MGT501 Course Code in the Semester:

The MGT501 business environment assessment is comprised of a total of two parts are Part A which is related to the initial statement of intent. This assessment is an individual report which needs to be written within 1000 words has a weightage of 25 % and carries 25 marks in total. The assessment part B is the statement of intent final and it is an individual video presentation of 5 minutes. The weightage of this assessment is 25 % and it carries 25 marks in total. The whole assessment needs to be an original work of the student and needs to be submitted within the given deadline by the university. The paper needs to be free from any plagiarism and no deliberate cases of plagiarism will be tolerated and students might get expelled from the university course if found guilty in such a manner.

Proper referencing needs to be done throughout the assessment paper and the referencing needs to be done in APA style with in-text citations as instructed by the university. Moreover, students may take help from the university library from books and papers to make the assessment more authentic and better. Being a subject of the postgraduate degree, students are expected to engage with high-quality academic journal articles, using the Torrens University Library textbooks, newspapers, journals and anything that can be obtained through authentic and official websites present on the internet will be considered as an authentic source of the secondary research for completing this assessment. The authenticity of the report will be decided based on the research effort and skills presented by the student in the paper and grades will be provided based on the quality and authenticity of the paper.

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