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MGT307 Operations Management Assessment Answer

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MGT307 Operations Management

MGT307 takes the form of an introduction to the ideas, principles, concepts, issues, problems, and practical application for the field of operation management. The course presents a greater focus on the managerial process that is needed for the establishment of an effective operation. Effective functionality is a part of organizations that cater to service-rendering goods-production or both.

Throughout the duration of this course, the students of the Texas A&M will cover topics such as project management, quality assurance, inventory control, production scheduling, forecasting, location and design of facilities, capacity planning, process design, and operations strategy, each of these topics serve the purpose of preparing the student by equipping them with the knowledge of the means through which operational management can be carried out to aid the optimal functionality of the business or organization. the topic of the course is integrated through the use of a system model of operations of an organization.

Texas A&M University is a public research university for commerce in Texas. In the fall of 2017, the university had a total enrolment of 12000 students, the university is the fourth oldest state college or university in the states of Texas and was founded in the year 1889. Texas A&M University in actuality comprises 5 academic colleges. With each of these academic colleges combined, the university awards in over 100 different disciplines. One, of course, that is covered by the university is that of Operations Management.

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Operations management or OM is the administration of business practice that is concerned with the creation and achieving the highest degree of operational efficiency within a business or organization.  to state it in layman’s terms, it is the study of the means through which businesses and organizations have attained the highest-level functional efficiency and performance in regard to the business proceeding and operations. Operations management is the practice that aims at finding the most efficient and optimal means through which materials and labor can be converted into finalized goods, products, and services, ready to be sold by the business.

The purpose of the finding of the highest possible means of efficient conversion is to maximize the amount of profit for the organization. it is the attempt to be able to balance the costs with revenue and gain the largest possible amount of net operating profit. At Texas A&M University, students are able to earn and understand operations management through the carefully curated coursework course, their students will be able to gain a fundamental understanding of what it means to increase the operational performance of an organization through internal and external development.

Unit Details:-

Location: Lubbock, Texas, United States 

Study Level: Graduate Level 

Unit Code: MGT307

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Brief of MGT307 Assessment:

The objective of the course is to set up the student and have them demonstrate the ability to have an understanding of the core essential terms and concepts that form a part of the field of operations management. Additionally, the students will be able to have the essential problem-solving skills of operations management design decisions.

These decisions include the management of the supply chain, the process of selection, design of the product, facility layout, the overall capacity of the business, and its location and operations strategy. Students will also proceed to demonstrate a deep understanding of the means through which companies can increase productivity, quality management, management of resources and inventory, sequencing, scheduling, and project management.

 Finally, the course also ais for the students to establish and demonstrate both historical and contemporary context of the ways of producing goods and organization that provide services by taking inspiration from both present and historical businesses and their degree of success in gaining operational management efficiency and curating schemes and patterns to achieve the same in their own businesses, organizations of enterprises.

Throughout the course, students will have a tentative outline that follows nine-course outlines which will be followed. The tentative course outline consists of an introduction to the course, goods, service, and operations management, value chains, break-even -point, measuring of performance in operations management, productivity value of loyal customers, operations strategy and technology and operations management, forecasting, and demand planning, supply chain design, a center of gravity, a factor of rating, catch up and review. Goods and services design, reliability, process selection, design and analysis, utilization, Little’ Law. Facility and work design, number of the machines needed, line balance, capability management capacity needs, quality management, run chart, check sheet, and Pareto chart. Quality control and SPC, mean and range chart, quality control: p-charts, managing inventories, ABC method, economic order quantity EOQ, total cost, resource management, aggregate planning, product-structure-tree, materials requirement plan, lean operation, operation scheduling, and sequencing, workforce scheduling, Johnson’s rule, and project planning and critical path.

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The course is set up to allow the student to be able to follow the course sequentially and gain a proper understanding of what it means to be able to have effective operations management in an organization or business. The course aims at establishing students to be able to perform under pressure and curate strategies that employ the most optimal and functionally viable means of operation to increase productivity and in turn, maximize the total net profit for the organization while maintaining proper cost to revenue balance and company image and value while being of serves to the core target audience and customer base.

Weightage of this MGT307 Course Code in the Semester

Through the course, the student will be required to take part in three section exams eight out of eleven section MGT307 assessments, and a daily grade. All of the assignment consists of 100% of the weightage of the course. The three-section exams consist of 72% of the total weightage of the course. Similarly, the 8 section assignments consist of 20% of the total weightage of the course. The rest 8% of the course weightage of allocated to a daily grade on which the student will be marked. The course has a normal grading system where scoring 90 percent or more is an A grade, 80 percent or more is a B grade, 70 percent or more is a C grade.

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