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MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy Assessment Answer

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MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy

MGT299 Business Policy and Strategy will be capable of providing the overview of the business policy along with strategy which is the senior level management-based course. It is mainly in relation to the different strategies utilized by the different firms for creating as well as maintaining the competitive advantage. The aim is to majorly integrate the knowledge through applying the general management of the view. There will be an analysis of the decisions and strategies in the light of the absolute new enterprise.

Unit Details

Location: Australia

Study Level: Graduate and Post Graduate

Unit Code: MGT 299

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Brief of MGT 299 Assessment

MGT 299 business policy and strategy is the senior level management related course which is mainly regarding the strategies that are utilized by the firms for creating as well as maintaining the competitive advantage. Designing as well as properly executing the superior strategies is highly critical than ever as no firm or company can take the competitive advantage for granted in the turbulent, fast-paced, and global environment. The strategy of the firm needs to permeate all the departments as well as functional areas to become highly successful in nature.

Therefore, the course will be capable of drawing on knowledge which is mainly gained from the studies in functional areas of the business which includes marketing, organizational behavior, finance as well as accounting along with others. The main aim is to properly integrate the knowledge through applying the general management point of the view. There will be a proper analysis of the decisions and the strategies in light of the total enterprise. There will be some more time spent on the corporate strategy- how do the different firms create the value from operating multiple business units.

Major Learning Goals of MGT 299

The major learning goals of the respective course include the following elements:

Business knowledge is the first and foremost aspect in which the students who will be completing this course will be capable of developing the working knowledge of the current basic as well as advanced strategic management based concepts as well as tools and the ability for ability to apply these tools for practical business problems. Acquiring strategic management skills and management helps in coping with issues and it will be faced in the business world and makes it marketable to prospective employers.

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Students who mainly complete the respective course will be capable of developing the ability to critically evaluate the unstructured strategic business issues and the decisions along with developing ethical and innovative kinds of solutions. These will be effective for the progress of the company and as a result, the students will be receiving the overall guidance on different kinds of aspects that will give them the scope to learn the aspects in a detailed manner.

The different students who complete the course will mainly enhance the ability for constructing and delivering clear, oral as well as written business communication. The students are always trying to develop their knowledge and understanding regarding the different topics successfully.

Besides delivering the basic kind of concepts as well as terminology of Strategic management, the discussions and lectures will be dealing with practical applications along with current kinds of strategic issues faced by managers and companies. Discussions will be providing the opportunity for honing the oral communication-based skills.

The written case analysis provides the opportunity for honing the written communication and analytical skills and develops an enterprise-wide perspective through applying the tools of the strategic management to the actual organization situation. It will be capable of reaching the consistent conclusion or recommendation. The main challenge is how to mainly present the analysis as well as recommendations is clear, concise along with convincing in the persuasive manner.

The research project mainly allows the team with the opportunity for applying strategic management tools along with concepts to the organization of the choice of the people. The clear, concise, convincing and persuasive oral as well as written business communication will be trained in a project.

The learning goals of the course include acquiring of knowledge of the strategic management frameworks along with concepts along with developing analytical skills for diagnosing as well as solving strategic problems. Reflecting on, the course mainly employs multiple methodologies like the case discussions, readings along with readings which will be suitable for the peer evaluations. These will be beneficial in managing the progress of the assignment and due to this; it will be effective for the progress of the company. Finally, the people will be developing as well as testing collaborative skills in context of the team research project. The peer evaluations of the team will be mainly conducted for simulating evaluation-related contexts and gain competitive advantage.

This is considered to be a highly interactive as well as a study based course that will be providing and discuss interesting strategic issues in the non-threatening classroom environment. However, it is quite imperative wherein each of you is well-prepared on the daily basis. This will be suitable for participating in class, through knowing material along with preparing the thoughts regarding the same. In this manner, the people will be able to gain competitive knowledge and as a result, it will be beneficial in gaining the knowledge in an accurate manner.

Coordination is the key and integral element which will be taught in this section which will be beneficial in the understanding initial presentation of the project and the written project will be suitable for close coordination. These are the different kinds of elements that will be beneficial in understanding and gaining knowledge for becoming the written analysis and making the team project. All the team projects will be beneficial in gaining knowledge and allow the people to grow strong.

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Weightage of MGT 299 Cource

The weightage of the course is 70-80% which will be highly interactive and as a result, it will be in-class discussions that will be beneficial for the students in learning the different courses in an effective manner.

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