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Online MGS101 Assessment Answer

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MGS101 Information Technology And Management

Information technology and management are two aspects of modern business that is essential for ensuring the sustainability and competitive advantage of businesses.  The growth of information technology has played a key role in modern business where it has facilitated the automation of operational processes and improved monitoring processes.

It has also made the communication systems highly efficient. Therefore, IT professionals evaluate the current systems and look for ways to make them better as operational efficiency is a key way of improving profit margin. Information technology has been responsible for the growth of eCommerce resulting in the generation of a higher level of profit margin.  The advancement of information technology has reduced the time taken by the business to grow it.  

Information technology has different types of applications for businesses where it facilitates record maintenance of the clients and improves manufacturing processes. Similarly, it has multiple other applications for the different business sectors, where they have been using virtual vaults for storing information.  The information technology department offers a strong communication system resulting in effective communication.  

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However, it is necessary to understand the right way of managing the technologies within the businesses so that there are no redundancies and waste.  In this respect, a management information system comes into play that assists in making effective business decisions along with coordination, and analysis of information.  

Therefore, information technology is used to acquire data and analyse it so that businesses can make effective decisions based on trend analysis and similar business intelligence techniques.  This course has been specifically designed for the students so that they gain significant knowledge of the different types of management information systems and enterprise resource management tools used for improving management and business decisions.

Unit details

This unit deals with information technology and management subject which emphasises providing knowledge on the importance of information technology in improving the management and decision-making capabilities of businesses. The course code has provided the opportunity to research various topics on information technology and management for gathering in-depth information on the market, and the evolution of the market in the past decade.  

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It provides various instances and opportunities for developing an effective management information system for making effective decisions. Therefore, the course helps the students in gathering the tools and techniques necessary to excel in their professional careers. Every modern manager has to gather significant knowledge on information technology and management for being a part of modern organisations.  Information technology is used for generating value for businesses, and the course teaches the students to become self-sufficient so that they can generate value in their respective businesses.    

Therefore, it facilitates enforcing governance effectively in information systems management and improves the efficiency, and effectiveness of the businesses.  The course teaches the students to identify effective ways of managing the technologies in businesses so that the redundancies can be removed and operational processes can be improved.  Management information systems are the most effective way of ensuring that business effective decisions in terms of analysis, and coordination of information.

The course teaches the students to use information technology for analysing and acquiring data for making effective decisions based on trend analysis and business analytics.  The course has been designed so that the course students gain knowledge of the different management information systems that facilitates operational excellence and economies of scale.

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University at Buffalo, United States

Study level

Undergraduate or bachelor's degree

Unit code

MGS101 Information technology and management 

Brief of MGS101 Assessment

 The assessment has been divided into various chapters dealing with management and information technology.  The importance of information technology in making useful decisions for businesses has been identified in the following course. Information technology has been identified as a key tool for making important decisions in business, and the course has been specifically designed to ensure that students gather significant knowledge on the effective way of implementing a management information system, and the most effective of making decisions and achieving economies of scale.  

The MGS101 course consists of a series of exercises, discussion posts and scenario-based assignments that facilitate in-depth research on the topic for gathering significant information regarding the evolution of business processes, and implementation of information technology in modern businesses.  Therefore, the course offers the students effective opportunities for understanding and developing information management systems based on practical situations.

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Thus, the students can gather tools and techniques so that they can excel in their professional careers.  The modern business world requires significant information technology for managers to make effective decisions, and interpret the results based on the analysis.  It can help the student in understanding the different ways of generating value for the businesses.

Therefore, the students can acquire these skills and become self-sufficient to implement these tactics in professional careers.

Weightage of The MGS101 Assessment in The Semester 

MGS101 Information technology and management is a full-time degree course that needs 4 years to finish, and the students have to achieve a minimum of 50% in this course so that they can pass the course successfully.  The course consists of three major assessments which have a weightage of 15%, 35% and 50% respectively which addresses theoretical concepts and practical solutions respectively.  

The first assessment is a quiz and consists of various multiple-choice questions based on the theories and concepts.  This quiz is an online test and the student needs to acquire 8 points out of the 15 points to pass the assessment.  

The second assessment consists of a scenario-based project where the students have to implement the theories and concepts in practical situations. It is a written assessment and the student have to acquire at least 18 points to pass the assessment.  

Finally, the third assessment is the final written test that holds the maximum weightage where both practical and theoretical questions are used to test the student’s knowledge.  The student will also need to acquire a minimum of 50% for a passing grade.  However, if any of the students fail the assessment, then the students need to appear for resubmission where they need to do a completely different assessment.

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