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MGMT 6009 Management People & Teams Assessment Answers

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Professional Help For MGMT6009 Management People and Teams

MGMT6009 management people and teams’ course is offered by Laureate International Universities. Participating in this course will be fruitful for the students to learn knowledge and develop skills. This unit emphasises strategic HRM, organisational behaviour, organisational culture, people management, performance management, motivation, organisational ethics, employee retention and succession planning, and organisational design.

Students will understand how strategic HRM works in the real world. The global business environment has become more complicated and competitive. In order to accomplish the organisational objectives and make the business viable, contemporary firms have to focus on people management. Successful people management prioritizes motivation, training, attract, reward, and motivate.

Laureate International University intends to create a positive impact on the society and host community. This university offers high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and specialised degree programs. The mission of this educational institution is to make high-quality education easily accessible so that community members and students can improve their lives and transform the world into a better place.

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MGMT6009 Management people and Teams Course Details

The course code is ‘MGMT6009 management people and teams’. In order to define MGMT 6009 assessment, it can be said that this course code includes strategic HRM, different aspects of people management, organisational culture, organisational behavior, ethics, employee motivation, employee retention, and succession planning. Following are the key topics covered in this course.

    • Strategic HRM: This course will be fruitful for the students to understand the significance of strategic HRM. In this intensely challenging and competitive macro-environment, strategic HRM can provide a framework to the practitioner to align people management, set long-term objectives, and improve business practice to accomplish organisational goals.
    • People Management: After completing this course from Laureate International University, the student will understand the significance of people management in today’s competitive world. By utilising the knowledge and skills that the student acquired from this course, the student can define a set of practices to manage the human resources of the organisation. Hiring and retaining the most potential talent will allow the organisation to perform well and achieve the organisational objectives.

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  • Organisational Ethics: Setting the right organisational ethics is the key to organisational success. After completing the “management of people and team” course, students will understand the significance of organisational ethics.Organisational ethics is the principles and standards that the organisation follows to run the business ethically. In order to set effective organisational ethics, the management of the firm needs to focus on fairness, integrity, honor, and responsibility.
  • Organisational culture: Values, expectations, and practices that guide the employees and stakeholders of the organisation are known as organisational culture. In order to define organisational culture, it can be said that organisational culture is a collection of traits that motivate the employees to follow fair practices, consistent and authentic behavior.
  • Organisational behavior: In order to optimize organisational culture and behaviour, the management of the firm needs to focus on organisational behavior. It is the study of individual and team performance within the organisation. Through systematic study and application of knowledge and skills that the student acquired from the ‘MGMT6009 management people and teams’ course, students can draw the discipline across the organisation and improve the work quality.
  • Employee retention and succession planning: People management prioritizes the employees and identifies the most appropriate way to manage the employees of the organisation. After completing this course, the student will understand how to motivate employees and hire and retain the most potential and experienced employees. The management needs to introduce a reward system to motivate the employees so that they deliver their best performance to accomplish the individual and organisational objectives. The management needs to develop succession planning so that the business operation remains viable.

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