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MBA402 Assessment Answers

MBA402 Assignment Answers

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MBA402 Task Answers

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) refers to a widely regarded as well as a preferred qualification for all kinds of professionals across the world who contain a desire to pursue a career within the field of strategic management. On the other hand, an MBA can also make advancements within their career by having a specific expansion across the professional network that also offers a higher potential in terms of earning. This also includes an appropriate development of skills relevant to leadership.

The Masters of Business Administration program at our university has been significantly acknowledged on a global level in the year 2020 by the Pioneer awards for integrating innovation as well as having a prime focus on the efficient delivery of content. On the other hand, the course is also available to all the students online who want to pursue the course but want to carry on with their daily life activities or jobs at the same time.

With the help of this particular course, the students shall be offered the opportunity of tailoring the degree by making appropriate selections of electives having a specific alignment to the interests as well as requirements of careers for every individual undertaking the course. In addition to this, the course shall have a specific emphasis upon a particular field, which shall be offered with various specializations.

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Each of the offered specializations has been outlined in the following points to provide the necessary details of the offered contents throughout the entire course code.

  • Project management.
  • Digital management.
  • Data-driven leadership.
  • International leadership.
  • Management of health services.
  • Women in leadership.
  • Tourism and hospitality leadership.

Any of the enrolled or aspiring students, in this case, are planning to specialize in one of the above-mentioned areas. The detailed information has been presented on the next pages to allow them to obtain all kinds of information required.

Unit Details:

Location: Kaplan Business School, Australia

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: MBA402

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Brief of Assessment:

This specific subject provides clear details to all the enrolled students regarding the various prime frameworks as well as skills required to carry out an effective formulation of the responsibilities for the governance of a respective organization. The various topics having a prime inclusion include the roles and the duties of the directors, along with the legal and regulatory environment existent across the whole of Australia. The course code also offers a significant establishment of contracts along with a specific role for the board of assessment in terms of strategy as well as associated risks.

On successful completion of this course code, the students shall obtain the capability of designing as well as applying multiple governance frameworks for carrying out a significant assessment of risks occurring within business organizations. In addition to this, the students shall also gain the potential capability of gaining a deeper understanding of corporate sustainability along with the importance of establishing ethical organizations as well as working cultures, which are driven appropriately by variously existent social considerations.

The course code shall be aiming at obtaining multiple outcomes based upon allowing the students to gain the capability of business administration at respective firms across the global business environment.

As a reason, the following points have clearly outlined the outcomes for the course.

  • Effective application of knowledge has relevance to fundamentally existent business operations for allowing the undertaking of efficient business decisions. This has a direct association with the widely existent global context.
  • Efficient integration of business-related knowledge for undertaking a well-reasoned action across diversified business situations at the business firms.
  • Integrating innovation specifically to address issues arising within the business operations along with the opportunities widely present across the dynamically existing business environments.
  • Carrying out an effective demonstration of necessary leadership for efficiently accomplishing the business objectives along with bringing maximum performance across the business organizational units.
  • Carrying out an effective evaluation in terms of ethical as well as social implications relevant to the business decisions relevant to the global context.

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Every individual student aspiring to become a part of the Kaplan Business School and undertake the course contents are required to fulfil all the basic requirements. Having fulfilled all the primary requirements shall allow the students to get enrolled on the course without any issues occurring during the admission procedure. Additionally, the students shall also have specific eligibility for credit meant for all relative academic work having previously completed, as well as shall also make applications to the school for making recognition as a part of exemption from individually existent subjects associated with the undertaken course of study.

The qualification to be obtained by the enrolled students has been designed to provide with containment of practical management skills, which shall also allow with a specific development of the capability to lead along with inspiring others across the global business environment. The MBA course also offers significant specializations, which are appropriately suited to advance along with the career as well as increase the earning potential within specified areas.

The course code also allows domestic along international students to enrol and become a part of the MBA program, based on their location. The associated fee structure is also defined through the type of admission that has been opted by the individual students, such as domestic or international. All the details of the application are readily available on the homepage of the Kaplan Business School, which is easy to understand by the students as soon as they visit the application page.

The enrolling students have required to fill in all the application forms present online and provide necessary personal information in the correct manner with adequate proof for the provided information. Next, the students are required to make adequate payment on the next page to complete the admission procedure and become a part of the course code.

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Weightage of the MBA402 Course Code in the Semester:

The course code is supposed to be offering the students 14 credit points out of the whole semester.

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