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LAWS20059 Corporations & Business Structures Assessment Answers

LAWS20059 Assignment Answers

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LAWS20059 Task Answers

This course will offer you a thorough understanding of the law of business organizations, with an emphasis on the corporation and corporate law. Partnering believes, and other organizational structures, the impacts of inclusion, the company legislature, state regulations, fact sheets and share issues, company government, raising capital, directors, stockholders, conferences, external management and closing down, takeovers, particularly unique sorts of businesses, and price control are just a few of the topics covered. The students must also notice and must not register in this course if they have already passed LAWS20029.

A company is a sort of company organization that establishes a legal distinction between the entity and its owners. It is difficult and expensive to set up, and it demands owners to adhere to greater tax and regulatory obligations. Attorneys are hired by most businesses to manage the registration process and verify that the company conforms with the laws of the state in which it is established. The capacity to raise cash is one of the benefits of a company structure while undergoing this course module. The company may raise a lot of money by raising capital for the general public. In addition, the business form comes with restricted personal responsibility, which protects the owners from the company's debts, responsibilities, and duties.

On-campus learners must attend planned classes; in some divisions, these courses are designated as an obligatory pass or fail element, and participation is required. On a study visa, international students should sustain a full-time study workload and fulfil punctuality and academic progress standards during each semester where satisfactory classroom attendance for International students is well defined as accomplishing and maintaining at least an 80 per cent attendance record.

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The training module's evaluation is composed of a set of learning objectives, which include Investigating and helping with ideas in partnering, fiduciary, and commercial law. Offer theoretical and regulatory advice on various forms of business and non-corporate organizational borders, as well as the risks and challenges that occur with them. Advising on excellent business management, financial, accountancy, and record-keeping standards, as well as resolving challenges and conflicts that develop in partnerships, trusts, and organizations.

The sort of legal framework an individual choice for their corporation is perhaps the most critical decision they make when opening a corporation in terms of fees. Not only does this selection affect the portion of taxes an individual spends, but it would also affect the quantity of documentation your firm must complete, your individual liability, and their ease of getting funds. Proprietorship, collaboration, and corporation seem to be the most prevalent business structures. The limited liability corporation and the partnership firm are newer additions to these types of businesses. Since each company structure has its own set of tax implications, and want to choose thoughtfully and choose the structure that best fits their business requirements.

Therefore, while considering these thought processes, it becomes a crucial step to choose an educational institution wisely. Selecting a perfect institution shapes student throughout their journey and makes them stand out in a crowd. The student will easily mould into the characteristics needed by a field expert in the learning process.

Unit Details:

Location: Central Queensland University, Australia

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: LAWS20059

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Brief of the Assessment:

The Assessment of the course module is based upon the following learning outcomes that will be beneficial for a student who will pass this course module efficiently:

  • L01: Investigate and assist on partnerships, fiduciary, and business law concepts.
  • L02: Provide guidance on the legal and practical aspects of different forms of corporate and non-corporate corporate boundaries, as well as the hazards and issues that come with them.
  • L03: Consult on and resolve difficulties and conflicts that arise in relationships, trusts, and organizations.
  • L04: Advice on good business administration, financial, accounting, and record-tracking standards.

The following table shows Graduate attributes in comparison with the learning objectives of the course module (LAWS20059).

Graduate Attributes

Learning Outcomes



1, 2, 3 and 4


1, 2, 3 and 4

Cognitive technical and creative skills

1, 2, 3


1 and 3



Ethical and Professional Responsibility


The cornerstone of any business, like the foundations of a house, offers the blueprint for success. A company that is constructed on shaky foundations will struggle to prosper. Students will learn how to address several of the most urgent challenges that a company owner must deal with while building the correct structure for their company in this training session. They will be able to create and assess your corporation's economic documentation procedures and principles; complete the documentation and regulatory mechanisms to form a legal, commercial enterprise; monitor and maintain the intellectual property and develop a management structure by creating and analyzing the company's financial records

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Weightage of the LAWS20059 Course Code in the Semester:

Every 6-credit Postgraduate course at Central Queensland University requires a total investment of time of 150 hours, based on an average of 12.5 hours of learning on a weekly basis.


Type of Assessment


Learning Outcomes



Presentation and Written Assessment

1, 2, 3 and 4




1, 2, 3 and 4


This is a scored course module; therefore, the total score will be computed from the points or marks a student will receive for each evaluation process, determined by the relative weightage listed above. To complete and pass the course, a student must receive at least a 50 per cent overall grade for passing with the overall grade. Whether any of the pass or fail tasks in the listing the previous section is included, these must be carried out and the results and thus be considered as a passing grade.

In addition, as indicated in the assessment task sub-section, the student must fulfil any minimal mark criteria provided for a specific assessment assignment noting that sometimes, the minimum marks for an assigned task might be more than 50 per cent.

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