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ITC596 IT Risk Management Assessment Answers

ITC596 Assignment Answers

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ITC596 Task Answers

Risk Management is a part that enables the Education system to carry out its operations without posing an unacceptable risk of damage or harm. Most University operations entail hazards, necessitating risk management strategy and processes. The Risk Assessment department and all workers share responsibilities for managing risk.

The Risk Manager provides advice and assistance. The staff creates rules and standards for a variety of operations and assists campus organizations with risk analysis and assessment, controlling risks and risk finance approaches, outcomes evaluation, and programme enhancement.

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This course gives students a broad understanding of IT vulnerability management challenges. Risk assessment methodologies for IT safety are explored in-depth, including mixed methods research. Safety judgement, reducing risk, security transference, and continuity planning of business policies are among the other subjects covered.

IT risk management is an integral aspect of a larger risk handling system. An information security policy is established, maintained, and updated on a regular basis to show that a corporation is taking a process for identifying, assessing, and managing cyber security threats. Many techniques have been presented to manage IT risks, each of which is organized into procedures and phases.

This course module includes not just the theory to learn and establish how to overcome the negative impact of operations and service delivery that can result in the institution's value being destroyed or reduced, as well as the advantage empowering risk associated with lost chances to use technology to facilitate or important for the commercial enterprise or IT program management.

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Unit Details:

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: ITC596

Brief of the Assessment:

The course module follows a rationale below:

  • To determine if the learner has a comprehensive understanding of IT Risk Assessment procedures and concerns, which can subsequently be used to provide useful information to a judgement call.
  • Create an IT Risk Assessment educated opinion on an underside evaluation of safeguards, risks, and vulnerability, as well as a translation of these results into risk-based language.
  • Conduct an IT Risk Analysis based on a planned business initiative that necessitated the assessment and management of operational risks.

The following topics will be covered in this course module:

  • Basics of Information security
  • Basic security principles.
  • Considering security decisions
  • Security is being practiced.
  • The fundamentals of risk management.
  • Quantitative risk evaluation.
  • Risk evaluation in a qualitative manner.
  • Risk reduction.
  • Transmission of risk.
  • Planning for business operations.

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Students are supposed to follow the learning objectives given below for the successful completion of the course module:

  • After completing this particular topic, the students must justify the objectives and numerous different terms used in risk assessment and assess IT threats in terms of business.
  • They should also be eligible to utilize both the ways of quantitative and qualitative risk management methodology approaches and make comparisons of the benefits of each strategy.
  • They will be allowed to critically assess IT security associated risks of security breaches aimed by hacker attacks and the advantages of someone using detection mechanism, routers, and penetration testing to reduce exposure and associated risk and threats;
  • They would be able to skeptically assess IT security risks in the form of vulnerabilities aimed directly by hackers and the economic advantages of using security mechanisms, proxy servers, and malware detection to minimize exposure and vulnerability hazards. 

Depending upon the availability of the mode of study and the location of the subject available, the course module is divided into two categories. The categories are named Session 2 and session 3. Session 2 is an internal based course that is basically held offline or on campus. Internal course category 2 is further sub-divided as internal 1 and internal 2. Internal 1 and internal 2 differ based on the location of the center. The center of internal 1 is CSU study center Melbourne, while the center or off-campus location of internal 2 is CSU study center Sydney.

Another type is session 3, a distance-based course or, more precisely, either an online or irregular class setup course. The centre or campus accredited by the university is the Wagga Wagga campus.

The subject or course module has one session in total for the conduction of the course. It has an HD/FL grading system of marking criteria. This course is conducted through the School of Computing and Mathematics, affiliated with Charles Sturt University.

There are some of the enrollment restrictions advised for the incoming students under this course module. It is as follows:

  • Information Systems Graduate Certificate
  • Information Systems Graduate Diploma
  • Information Systems Master's Degree
  • Network and Administrations Master's Degree

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Weightage of the ITC596 Course Code in the Semester:

The final determination for ITC596 is to provide an IT Risk Evaluation Case Study in favor of a major technological decision that will be made by a fictional business called Aztek in the Australian Finance Industry. Top officials in Aztec's technical and business segments have gathered a portfolio of work that could be financially backed for implementation from their corresponding strategists.

The ITC596 research case study report output is an IT Threat Assessment paper produced for Aztek company's target audience and presenting a risk analysis of the project that the student has chosen to investigate.


Description of Marking Criteria Rubric for Final Assessment of ITC596



Executive Summary: clear uncertainty judgments that are easily understood by relevant parties and may be utilized to directly enhance decision-making.



Review of Finance Service Sector: corporate stakeholders have a better sight of similar initiatives in their field and any related regulations.



Review of Security Posture: clear evaluation of the project's influence on present security stance in terms of improvement to the position and mitigating steps necessary to keep the attitude at an appropriate standard.



Assessment of Consequences such as Threats and Vulnerabilities: illustrate that the program's modifications have been carefully analyzed in accordance with threat, vulnerability, and manage lists and guidelines.



Security of Data: verify that the program's data transfers have been detected, reviewed against regulations, and managed any hazards.


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