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ITC548 System Analysis PG Assessment Answers

ITC548 Assignment Answers

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ITC548 Task Answers

The code ITC548 for the subject System Analysis in the Charles Sturt University in Australia. The subject is inclusive of examining systems in terms of their design technique as well as with the approach of business perspective therefore, the students will learn how to analyse it. The subject is also broad in terms of providing opportunities to students to acquire skills which are practical as well as relevant to system analysis.

The concept of logical design, development of business systems, feasibility analysis are all important lessons that will be taught in this module to the students to effectively implement and specifically learn about object oriented methodology. It will not only use unified modelling language in terms of implementing design and creation of business systems but also teach the students the same to practically implement their knowledge and skills.

The technological integration is implemented through this subject to teach the students so that they can implement knowledge and skills related to business models. The syllabus of the subject covers a variety of topics such as information systems, system analysis, process analysis, defining the problem identified in the systems, feasibility analysis, requirements, specification, data flow diagrams and others. The students are taught effectively and efficiently in terms of them facing a real scenario and implementing the knowledge that they have acquired in this course.

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Unit Details:

The unit details can be described in the form of affective evaluation of the syllabus where the information systems are introduced to the students in the beginning of the course. Secondly the students are taught different approaches to system analysis that are mostly structured and oriented based on the object. The students are then informed about processes to systems analysis inclusive of the life-cycle, Iterative and rational unified process of the system development.

The processes to systems analysis also helps the students to identify the problem considering this course teaches them about defining a problem and reflecting on the feasibility analysis. Not only contributes to the way requirements are gathered in this process but also the students are taught about the balance between functional and non-functional requirements. It contributes to their understanding of the specified differences in test cases, used cases and events.

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The students are therefore, informed in terms of establishing data and gathering of information that contributes to the students understanding of technology, human resource and financial operations of a business system. Lastly the students are informed of class diagrams, data flow diagrams that are imminent in terms of system requirement models so that they can use it to learn about Unified Modelling Language (UML) and case tools.

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: ITC548

Briefs of Assessment:

The first assessment is a case study based on which the student has to identify the problems, capabilities and benefits. Through this assessment the student has to provide a rational that justify their evaluation. The second assessment is requirements gathering where the student has been provided with background information through which they have to identify and describe the functional and non-functional requirements of a proposed system.

After that the student has to identify certain used cases and used case diagrams to justify their understanding of the proposed system and its implementation. Finally the student has to draw a domain model class diagram based on the proposed system so that it can be specific and accurate in terms of realistic assumption and implementation of different methodologies of the systems analysis as well as evaluating complex situations.

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Through this assessment the students acquire a detailed understanding of the system requirement as well as distinguish between the techniques that can be implemented to understand the effectiveness of a real scenario. The students also get to learn about effective implementation of system requirement models as well as use of different tools to make it more object oriented. The third assessment is where the student has to prepare a report based on agile methodologies, cloud-based solution as well as prepared standards that will effectively assess the work and the progress.

Rational for this assessment must be provided in accordance of multidisciplinary development requirements in terms of human resource, financial and technological analysis. The students are made to be able to assemble requirements model that is both structured and oriented based on object effectively implementing techniques that will help the students to learn about acknowledging the systems analysis and their requirements.

The final exam which is the fourth assessment is of two hours and in this the students are given multiple choice questions, short answer questions as well as a case study. The students not only have to understand a real scenario in terms of gathering techniques so that they can show their learning prowess and performance.

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Weightage of the ITC548 Course Code in the Semester:

The weightage of ITC548 of the subject System Analysis is 50% for this semester and it is important for all students to submit their original works considering it impacts their future performance. There are 4 parts of the assignment with the first part is for the students to understand the problem, the second part is to gather the requirements and the third part is to write a report based on those requirements.

The final online exam of the assignment is important in terms of the students understanding of the subject and its implementation where they can identify the problem, capabilities and benefits. The students learn specific analysis techniques through which they can implement warehouse management systems in its peak efficiency as well as the dynamic procedures.

Reflecting different aspects informs of systems operations, inventory control, process ordering, order load management, system alerts, packing orders and others are evaluated. Students learn these important aspects of a management through implementation of the assessments which are essential in terms of the learning, teaching and supporting strategies. Did not only help in implementation of effective understanding of the students regarding project management but also about information systems as well as its analysis tools and techniques.

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