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HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care Assessment Answers

HUCL1101 Assignment Answers

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HUCL1101 Task Answers

With the help of this course, the students will be able to manage information in a hospital nursing unit. the topics that are covered comprises of- basic human needs, organization of hospitals, medical terminology, medical orders, skills of communication, telephone as well as reception activities as well as hospital information systems.

The graduates of this course have an excellent employment prospects along with high rate of recruitment. It is a one year certificate program that comprises of two terms. The standard course load is five courses per term. The students can maintain full time status with a minimum of three courses. Taking less than five courses per term will take longer to finish the program. The students will be able to develop practical skills as well as knowledge for a dynamic career as a unit clerk.

They will play a critical role in the management of the information flow in the nursing units of the hospital. The students apply the concepts in the lab before their contact with the patients in the hospitals. The course introduces the nursing students to the role of professional nurse in the promotion of self care among the elderly people and the adults.

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It concentrates on offering the nursing care for adult clients who experiences specific health alterations. The students are also offered with proper knowledge to the process of aging and the way in which they should examine the key concerns as well as needs which are related to the elderly people.

The procedure of nursing, critical thinking concepts along with the variations of culture between the patient are also addressed. The students will learn to offer administrative as well as clerical support, including the training in medical terminology as well as transcription. The students will also take part in the workplace practicum for gaining first- hand experience as well as applied skills practice.

Unit Details:

Location: Canada

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: HUCL1101

Brief of the Assessment:

Hospital Unit clerks play a very important role in helping the hospital routine run in a smooth manner and offer the best possible care. The fast-paced hospital clerk course will prepare the students to play a vital administrative role in managing communication as well as information in the hospital nursing unit. The students will get to learn the medical terminologies, the way of processing the medical orders, skills of communication, process of administration along with the computer skills.

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The course focuses holistic care, diversity or sensitivity of culture, critical thinking as well as reflective practice. The course takes a patient-focused, family centred as well as inters professional approach. Present research, adult principles of learning, social justice, best practices along with the lived experience offers the foundation for learning. This course is a co-requisite to the theoretical part of the clinical skills. It concentrates on exploring the process of nursing along with its application in the nursing practice.

Along with this, the students will participate in a four week work experience placement in a health care facility for practicing as well as refining their skills. This nursing theory unit will offer students the opportunity of development of skills and knowledge in the nursing care of people experiencing acute mental health alterations. Focus will be on the effect of the acute health alteration on people and the application of the evidence based knowledge to implement, evaluate as well as plan nursing care.

Critical thinking, skills of problem solving as well as clinical reasoning will be established by inquiry based learning with the use of national priority case study. The course focuses on the principles of basic skills of nursing. All throughout the course, the students will be introduced to a variety of concepts as well as theories of nursing. There will be more focus on the process of nursing along with its application in the nursing practice.

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The process of communication, hygiene, mobility, medication, nutrition and safety calculations will be addresses. The course prepares the students for the challenging as well as rewarding career of offering clerical as well as administrative support for a unit of hospital or the health care institution.

The students will be able to develop[ office management as well as business communication skills for the environment of health care and acquire thorough understanding as well as the potential of interpreting as well as relaying medical terms, medical conditions, pharmacology, procedures of surgery as well as medical tests. the opportunities of graduate employment might comprise of entry level positions in the hospitals, offices of doctors, long term facilities of care, agencies, walk-in-agencies as well as other facilities of community.

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After completing the course, students will be able to:

  • Apply clinical decision making skills for the identification as well as prioritising health issues for people who experiences acute medical health alterations.
  • Explain the effect of acute medical health alterations for the people and their family or carers
  • Reducing the psychosocial effects of acute alterations in health for people and their family or carers.
  • Find out the links in between the path physiology as well as manifestations of acute medical health alterations.
  • Plan evidence- based holistic individual- centred care for people who experiences acute mental health alterations including the discharge planning as well as education.
  • Determine proper therapies of nursing and explain the medical as well as allied health interventions for the chosen acute medical health alterations.
  • Examine the effectiveness of the therapies as well as interventions of nursing.
  • Apply evidence standards as well as guidelines for analysing selected acute medical health alterations along with their management.

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Weightage of the HUCL1101 Course Code in the Semester:

Assessment Task


Individual assessment


Group assessment


End of semester test


This unit is graded. The overall grade will be calculated through the grades or the marks for each HUCL1101 assessment task, on the basis of the relative weightings displayed in the above table. The students must score overall mark for the unit of at least 50% or an overall grade of “pass” for passing the unit.

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