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HISTORY23 American History Assessment Answer

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HISTORY23 American History

HISTORY23 American History has been specifically designed for students looking to expand their knowledge of American history. History enables the students to have a better understanding of the world they live in and developing a better understanding of the historical events in the past century facilitates the development of an appreciation for various events.  History provides important learnings which can be used to avoid previous mistakes and misdeeds from happening again.

HISTORY23 course code refers to the second industrial revolution between the time period of 1820 to 1870. Decades after the civil war, the United States become an industrial giant with the expansion of the old industries and the development of new ones.  It includes steel manufacturing, electric power and petroleum refining by bringing in the remote parts of the country into the national market economy.  

It has transformed American society with the development of new wealthy class industrialists and prosperity in the middle-class segment.  It has led to significant transformation into society and the labour force has improved the process of industrialisation for the millions of immigrants.  Therefore, the diversity in modern America and the cultural development can be backtracked to history.  The current course has been developed to depict the struggles of the past so that modern people can learn from the mistakes of the past to live a better life.  There are various students intrigued about their history and past and want to know their past in detail, and this course has been ideally developed for those candidates looking to understand the evolution of the United States of America since the early 1800s.

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Unit details

The unit consists of the industrial economy that has risen in the United States after the Civil war. It consists of important topics that deal with modern problems that even existed in the past where the post-construction and expansion of industrialisation in the United States of America changed the economy. It made the country what it is, and that history is a key part of the culture, values, and beliefs of the society which needs to be understood by the students showing interest in the topic.  

HISTORY23 also describes the different technological changes and development of new ideas leading to the revolution in terms of the industrialisation of the American economy.  It also describes the rise of the different national heroes such as John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and JP Morgan.  It also describes the different ways, the government responded to the changes in the practices trust, and combinations between the different industrial leaders.

One of the most important aspects of the course code is the way, the workers have reacted to the changes in society and the early labor movement days.


Duke University, United States

Study level

Undergraduate or bachelor's degree

Unit code

HISTORY23 American history

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Brief of HISTORY23 Assessment

Therefore, the assessment has been developed for the aspirants looking to expand their horizons in American History. The course has been specifically designed to impart knowledge and understanding of the historical events and society in the past century so that the students can appreciate the issue and challenges faced by the leaders and society to reach the modern economy. The development of the modern economy has been described in the course along with the misdeeds from the past affecting the environment and resulting in global warming.  It focuses on the second industrial revolution between the time period of 1820 to 1870.  

The civil war changed the overall scenario within the country and the United States of America expanded their businesses and developed new ones to become the most powerful economy in the world. It described the development of the industries such as electric power, manufacturing, steel and petroleum by involving the remote locations within the country as a whole and part of the national economy.  It resulted in an increase in the disposable income of the society and the development of the middle-class segment and wealthy class industrialists.  

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The course also highlights the transformation of the society and the workforces where millions of immigrants came into the country searching for jobs, and the development of a diverse culture within the country.  History is the ultimate way to backtrack the diversity and development of modern society.  

HISTORY23 is for those students looking to expand their horizon in modern history are intrigued by the past revolutions and want to deeply research the atrocities of the past to ensure that similar mistakes are not being made in the future.  Therefore, the course has followed the time period of the 19th century that lead to the civil war and development of industrialization, and economy in the United States of America.

Weightage of the Module

HISTORY23 American history is a full-time degree course that will require at least 2 years to complete and the students will have to go through several assessments to pass the module.  The students will have to achieve at least 60% in all the subjects to pass along with the scores in the individual subjects. The module consists of three major assessments and several discussion posts. The first assessment is a quiz about the textbook which has a weightage of 15% so the students have to answer multiple-choice questions.

The second assessment consists of a critical evaluation of a statement where argumentative analysis has to be conducted based on the statement. It has a weightage of 35%.  The third assessment is a written test that carries the maximum weightage where the students have to give a written test on the online portal. It consists of a weightage of 50%.  The students have to attain a minimum of 50% in all the course assessments to pass the course.

However, in case a student fails the HISTORY23 assessment, they will be provided with a resubmission opportunity where they will allow to take a resubmission test. It will consist of a research project that will allow the student to apply the different concepts learned to address a problem and critically discuss it.

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