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HI5017 Managerial Accounting Assessment Answers

HI5017 Assessment Answers

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HI5017 Task Answers

This module will help the students to understand management accounting concepts and techniques. Administrative accounting is the hone of recognizing, measuring, analyzing, deciphering, and communicating budgetary data to directors for the interest of an organization's objectives. It changes from monetary accounting since the aiming reason of administration accounting is to help clients inside the company in making well-informed commerce choices. Administrative accounting includes numerous aspects of accounting pointed at making strides the quality of data conveyed to administration almost trade operation measurements.

Administrative bookkeepers utilize data relating to the fetched and deal income of merchandise and administrations produced by the company. Cost accounting could be an expansive subset of administrative accounting that particularly centers on capturing a company add up to costs of generation by surveying the variable costs of each step of generation, as well as settled costs. It permits businesses to recognize and decrease pointless investing and maximize benefits. The key distinction between administrative accounting and money related accounting relates to the planning clients of the data. Administrative accounting data is pointed at making a difference director inside the organization make well-informed trade choices, whereas budgetary accounting is pointed at giving monetary data to parties exterior the organization.

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Since administrative accounting is not for outside clients, it can be modified to meet the wants of its planning clients. This may change impressively by the company or indeed by department inside a company. For illustration, directors within the generation division may need to see their budgetary data shown as a rate of units created within the period. The HR division director may be curious about seeing a chart of compensations by workers over a period of time. Administrative accounting is able to meet the wants of both divisions by advertising data in anything organized is most advantageous to that particular requirement.

Through this module, the students will also be able to understand business accounting. A commerce exchange is an occasion including compatibility of merchandise, cash or administrations between two or more parties. The exchange can be as brief as cash buy or as long-lasting as a benefit contract amplifying over a long time. The commerce executed can be between two parties locked in in trade and conducting the exchange for their common benefits, or between a trade substance, like a retail shop, and a client.

There is any number of occasions conducted for commercial purposes that, in spite of a commercial aim, do still not trade exchanges. For illustration, in the event that a well-known CEO gives a graduation discourse, eventually, it benefits the understudies as well as the CEO and his company. The understudy's advantage is from the valuable or rousing substance of the graduation discourse, whereas the CEO and his enterprise are publicized within the prepare.

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Unit Details:

Location: Holmes Institute, AU

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: HI5017

Brief of Assessment:

Mid Term Test – It consists of various kinds of questions that are related to the entire module that has been taught to the students.

Individual Case Study Assignment – The student would select a case study and will answer questions.

Major Group Project Assignment – Group of students will produce the assignment along with that. They would also provide a presentation on the assignment.

Laboratory and Problem Based learning participation and submission – Practical work needs to be conducted, and outputs need to be submitted.

Final Examination - It would contain subjective questions which the students need to answer in a stipulated time.

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Weightage of the HI5017 Course Code in the Semester:

  • Midterm Test – 10%
  • Individual Case Study Assignment – 15%
  • Major Group Project Assignment – 20%
  • Laboratory and Problem Based Learning participation & submission – 10%
  • Final Examination – 45%

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