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HI5002 Finance for Business Assessment Answers

HI5002 Assignment Answers

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HI5002 Task Answers

HI5002 is a course which is taught in Holmes Institute is very much helpful for the students to learn about the financial analysis of a business environment with the help of the balance sheet, cash flow, and sharing of information. Students can understand the current gap of the financial performance of an organization after the completion of this course. This subject is exclusively designed for the engineers who are current studying MBA to gather insight of administrative functions.

Conduction of this course is very much useful in the promotion of the concept of strategic thinking which can help in examining different categories of risks associated to the business. This course helps in understanding different categories of analytical frameworks such as the risk assessment framework, and cost benefit analysis.

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Unit Details:

Location: Holmes Institute, Australia

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: HI5002

Brief of Assessments:

Non-current asset analysis is defined as the type of analysis which can help in measuring the extent of the investment in non-current low liquid assets. This analysis is very much significant for business organizations for identifying their long-term investments. Price Earnings ratio is defined as the ratio used for valuing a company which measure its current share price with the earnings per share. Historically, it is seen that the average Price Earnings ratio of a company lies between 13 to 15. Lower the Price Earnings ratio is one of the reasons behind the potential investments from investors.

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Break even analysis is defined as a financial calculation which weighs the cost of a service, business or a product and it is compared to the unit sell price for determining the point at which break even occurs. This financial calculation is very much significant for business organizations for determining the number of dollars of revenue required to cover the total cost of the business. There are three categories of breakeven analysis such as monthly fixed cost, average per unit cost, average per unit sales price.

The course highlights the six principles of finance which are needed to be considered for maintaining financial security of the business such as management of reputation, maintaining the manager and stakeholder objectives, maintaining the pricing security of the market, maintaining the diversity in the financial market, management of the higher returns and financial management. The course helps in understanding what a good investment is like in the Australian Bond market. 1.849% yield is the last 10-year bond rate of the Australian government.

The course also highlights some of the innovative business administration solutions which can be used for improving the financial performance of a business organization such as an Enterprise Resource Planning System which can maintain and work for both operational and financial improvements. Hence, the concepts which are taught in this course code can be very much useful for the aspiring students to understand how the business challenges are addressed by managers in a competitive business setting.

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Weightage of the HI5002 Course Code in the Semester:

In each of the three assessments, this subject needs to be passed by students. This subject is a level 9 degree. A minimum of 50% needs to be scored in each of the three assessments to get the passing grade in this subject.

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