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HCS335 University of Phoenix Assessment Answers

HCS335 Assignment Answers

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HCS335 Task Answers:

This unit primarily focuses on exploring many potential facets of healthcare and medical ethical norms. Healthcare ethics ensures that the learner is informed about the many moral strategies and principles that should aid in delivering healthcare services. Healthcare Ethics as a discipline area of clinical medicine and related scientific research is discussed in The Journal of Medical Ethics (2022). Healthcare ethics ensure that it informs, enhances, and explains how medical and healthcare professions should control their code of conduct in their operations and activities. This unit is primarily taught at the University of Phoenix in Arizona in the United States. The university created this course to educate and introduce qualified academics, researchers, and practitioners who would become competent in the global healthcare sector.

On the other hand, social responsibility is concerned with the aspect in which an individual is required to follow basic moral rules and norms to be nice to others. In healthcare ethics, social responsibility is primarily concerned with ensuring that healthcare practitioners have access to guiding ethical principles and protocols that aid in the healthcare activities performed on patients in a medical facility. According to Boelen (2018), healthcare social responsibility is defined as ensuring that healthcare practitioners can gain and conceive basic concepts and morals that will aid in the diffusion of basic goodwill activities to improve the well-being of a specific patient. It is critical for healthcare professionals and medical students to understand how to socially accrue responsible behaviours to ensure that patients' needs are met.

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The University of Phoenix has been in the spotlight for its commitment to providing high-quality education and research. The institution is focused on ensuring that its students can integrate, conceive, and validate cognitive knowledge and applied research to aid in developing knowledge and solutions that will help meet global concerns. According to Businesswire magazine (2018), the University of Phoenix has made efforts to incorporate a college for medical health practice teaching and research. This feature would aid in overcoming the problem of accounting for medical practitioners' small quantitative indices in Arizona. The university promised that the Ministry of Health would accredit it to facilitate the study of medical/healthcare programmes that would educate students on medical and healthcare approaches. As a result, the college of medical and healthcare sciences was established.

The word HCS refers to a course unit concerned with the delivery of information on health care ethics and social responsibility. This sets the foundation for the course, ensuring that it understands the numerous ideas and perspectives of healthcare ethics and social responsibility. The other numeric term, 335, refers to the number of healthcare courses offered by the University Of Phoenix's college of health science. According to the University of Phoenix (2019), the module unit code HCS335 ensures that students understand and have access to course details; hence it was necessary to provide a course description code. The course was introduced into University learning to ensure that learners would have the opportunity and prospect of adopting the basic ideas and understanding of becoming ethical healthcare students, which would boost numerous opportunities for healthcare social responsibility.

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Learning about healthcare ethics and social responsibility is essential since it serves various purposes. Learning, understanding, and appreciating healthcare ethics and social responsibility have several goals, including ensuring that healthcare administrators, coaches, and practitioners comprehend specific basic actions required to perform in a healthcare operation. The journal health (2019) found that medical practitioners who understand and apply the concepts and principles of healthcare ethics and social responsibility can help patients become healthier and more viable in terms of health well-being. Another goal of learning healthcare ethics and social responsibility is to ensure that students understand how to ensure that patients are treated with dignity and respect this aids in ensuring that patients become healthier and more viable on their own.

The student has been able to grasp that some basic principles and outcomes must be established during the learning period to learn and understand the topic notion. It's critical to remember that understanding the many principles of healthcare ethics and social responsibility is a requirement of the course unit. These outline themes are fundamental ideas that help students comprehend and appreciate the course details. Understanding subject themes such as understanding ethics practises in the health, human ethics in hospitals, ensuring a sustainable patient, and facilitation of healthcare services are covered in detail in this course. When a learner can learn, understand, and comprehend this subject's principles, they will be able to ensure that they have the primary basis for disseminating knowledge and information related to the student's gained skill and competency-based talents.

There are numerous significant aspects that a student will be able to acquire during learning if they can understand and appreciate the substance of the topic notion. Some of these considerations may be crucial in assisting an individual's job chances. One of the most significant benefits is that knowing and comprehending this will help the learner ensure that he can become a potential health practitioner who can combine knowledge and moral standards to become a competent health provider in any health institution.

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Unit Details:

Location: University of Phoenix, United Staes

Study level: Undergraduate and Post Graduate

Unit code: HCS335

Brief of Assessment:

After completing the course, the student should have obtained a broad range of knowledge that will enable them to comprehend the role of ethics and how it is crucial in delivering skills and competencies that will aid in the provision of high-quality health care. It is also significant since it will helpdevelop and implement essential healthcare morals and ideals. After completing the course, the learner will ensure that they have better understood some of the fundamental principles of ensuring that they can provide effective social responsibility practices, particularly in the healthcare industry.

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Weightage of this HCS335 Course Code in Their Semester:

This term's assessment will be graded out of 100%, with the expected learning outcomes and elements.It will consist of assignments that will measure the comprehension and theoretical approach to analysing the subject issues addressed.

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