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HCMG101 Health Care Systems Assessment Answers

HCMG101 Assignment Answers

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HCMG101 Task Answers

Health care systems take a holistic approach to the introduction to the procedures as well as functionalities of how health facilities, as well as services, are meted out to the patients. It is an introductory knowledge to various policies as well as politics that would revolve around the quality maintenance and monitoring, accessibility, costing, and maintenance of healthcare institutions as well as service providers that include the role of physicians, insurers, patients, pharmaceutical companies as well as hospitals.

This HCMG101 course is also focused on understanding the interaction of the medical economy in terms of its demand as well as supply. It also involves the changing scenario of health care vote in terms of patients as well as the service providers with the incorporation of novel technology like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and many more. The health care system scores will be divided into numerous sections that will focus on the functioning of healthcare institutions in terms of delivering care to their patients and also acquiring sources as well as defining their procedures and risk management factors.

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HCMG101 Health Care Systems

This course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania and is focused on taking an introductory approach to explore health care systems. This course will take an introductory and holistic approach to understand the policy as well as the political angle to the three relevant as well as persistent issues in the healthcare industry which include quality, cost as well as access. This course will help in establishing the various roles of physicians, patients, insurers, hospitals as well as pharmaceutical companies.

There are various issues faced by students in terms of understanding this sector. This is because most of the courses jump right into the components of the course rather than focusing on the introductory part. Therefore it is the decision of the university to disintegrate into an introductory course so that the students are well aligned with what they are going to study for the rest of the term within the university. Therefore, this course is going to provide a perspective on the United States health care system as well as the various stakeholders that are associated with it so that the students can develop their own perspective on the quality issues, accessibility issues as well as the cost issues that are prevalent within the industry.

Unit Details:

Location: University Of Pennsylvania, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: HCMG101

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List students who are enlisted for this course will have the following learning outcomes:

  • The students will gain introductory knowledge on how healthcare systems in the US work.
  • A politics, as well as policy angle, will be taken two major issues that are prevalent in the health care system of the nation that include cost, quality as well as access.
  • This course will help in the establishment of the roles of physicians, patients, pharmaceutical companies as well as insurers.
  • The course will also cover the various interactions between the government and the various groups and stakeholders.
  • The course is responsible for discussing in detail the recent National Health care policy initiatives that will steer the various topics of the course abruptly and spontaneously with the alignment and interests of the class members.
  • The course will also influence the analytical thought as well as the critical perspectives of the students in terms of the health care system of the United States along with the stakeholders that are involved with it.

Brief of Assessment:

This is a one term course it is offered in either of the terms. since this is an introductory course there is no pass or fail. However the tutor is responsible for evaluating the performance and understanding quotient of the students and therefore grades will be given to the students based on the results of their assessment.

Various topics will be covered in the form of lectures and after every completion of one topic, an assessment will be given to the students for evaluation based on which the students will be graded. Based on these grades the students will be qualifying for the next part of the course. In the case of low grade students, they will be given another chance to pass their evaluation assessment and score a higher grade.

Weightage of the HCMG101 Course Code in the Semester:

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The weightage of this course is 25% of the entire degree course.

The experts specializing in the course HCMG101 Healthcare Systems It’s killed provisioned and delivered homework assistance to my students pursuing this course at the University of Pennsylvania. Next sports will not only help the students understand the core concept so that they are prepared for the next part of the course, but they will also help them in understanding the requirements of the assessments after every lecture and course module.

They will help each and every student with understanding the current scenario of the health care system in the United States and it also helps them in gaining necessary employability skills so that they can pursue their career in this field. They will customize their tutoring sessions as per the requirements of the learners in order to further polish the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills of the students.

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