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UXUI 1472 User Interface Design I

Published : 30-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Your design has been a success and you have been asked to write a paper that describes how you developed that design and why you chose that particular interface. You will need to discuss how your design meets the user(s) requirements and enhances their experience. You should mention what factors influenced your design, how they influenced it and why. You should discuss similar interfaces that have given your ideas or elements that you have used in your design. You will also need to discuss the reasoning behind your design and why you think that this design is the best solution to this particular problem.


The rationale of this assignment is to assess a student's ability to discuss the reasoning behind an interface in terms of principles of design, principles of usability and the user experience.



For the creation of the user interface of the online gift shop different websites are analyzed and the main focus given on the design is to increase the functionality of the system and keep the design of the interface simple and attractive. The interface is designed such that the user can get all the details of the online gift shop at a glance from the home page. The redirection of the webpage is avoided and the interface design for each of the page is kept consistent for avoiding such circumstances.

Selection of the user requirement

The main requirement of the user using the online gift shop is to view new items and their price and get the estimation and compare it with other items and select the best item for gifting it to their loved ones. The details of the items sold by the website are attached with the product for maintaining a transparency with the customer and provide them all the details about the product.

The user can view the details of the product by clicking on the product details link. They can also view the image of the product and zoom to get the details and select the product to buy from the website. All the details required for purchasing the product and the details can be fetched by the user from a page because the price, extra delivery charge and the product details are shown on the same page.

Different sections 

  • The interface of the online gift shop is outlined with light foundation and clear content to such an extent that the substance inserted in the site is meaningful to the clients initially. Pictures of less resolutions are utilized as a part of the site to keep it light and diminishing the reaction time of the site. The client of the site ought not feel that they are diverted to other website page and the interface is outlined as needs be.
  • The outline of the interface is made with the end goal that the client does not feel that they are explored to various site and for making it an ace page is utilized and whatever is left of the substance of the site is changed.

Factors influencing the user interface design

  • The acknowledgment of the site, perceivability of the web substance and improvement of the site goes about as a component for the advancement of the UI plan for the organization.
  • The variables considered for the improvement of the site is perceivability and it comprises of choice of the typeface, choice of the hues and the symbols utilized for outlining the site.
  • The determination of standard measured text style is vital for expanding the perceivability of the site and the choice of a standard estimated symbols enhances the look and feel of the site.

Selection of similar type of interface

Different ecommerce website selling gift products are analyzed for the preparation of the interface of the online gift shop. Some ideas are taken from the website and implemented in the interface design to make it efficient and different new ideas are also added for increasing the usability of the website and adding some uniqueness in the interface design.

Reasons for selection of the design

  • The outline of the interface is composed with the end goal that the interface of the site contains every one of the components that are import for a tourism site. The interface is required to be outlined with the end goal that it can help the organization to pick up the main position in the market.
  • The preparatory plan of the interface is done in pencil and a windows casing is added to make a system and the outline is made subsequent to concentrate distinctive elements of a tourism site.
  • The specific outline decided for planning the site makes a basic and simple to utilize interface and the clients utilizing the site would not confront any trouble utilizing the site.


From the report it can be presumed that with the production of the UI outline for the project the improvement of the first site would turn out to be simple and in this way less time would be required for the advancement of the site for the online blessing shop. The interface of the site is work as per the necessity of the client and the essential data with respect to various goal are incorporated into the interface for formation of an educational site and pull in the clients to utilize the site and the administration offered by the organization.


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