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SPM 305 Sport Management I

Published : 26-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


Write about Workin Sports podcast.
Note: you will need to download the 'Tunes app if you do not already have it. to listen to the podcast on steps to advance your career in sports.
Listen to a talk from the Sloan Sports Conference. 


The modern world of sports involves skills that are important for determining the sportsman that resides within the individuals. Sports have developed since the day of its inception and the change has been a continuous one. It is an ongoing process of development and the gradual progress in the planning process helps in the maintenance of the sports. The analytics of the sports team is based on the events that are being undertaken as a survey of the present day requirements of the sports (Giza et al., 2013). The discussion that follows aims at maintaining the equilibrium of the events that are being undertaken in order to support the criteria of the sports. In general, the people that are engaged with the sports must have certain criteria in order to make the game sustainable and to maintain the authenticity of the events.  The discussion that follows portrays the facts as per the management skills that is required in order to make the sports authentic and live.

The skills that an individual must inherit in order to manage the team efficiently is based on the criteria of the manager being comfortable with the diverse group of people. The diverse group of people includes the team itself, the medical support, the associates and the like. Therefore, in order to manage them efficiently, the manager must be comfortable with every setting and every individual who comes in their way (Lopez, 2014). The integrated teamwork is another factor that must be undertaken by the managers in order to keep the team united and thereby influencing the strategies that the team undertakes in order to win over the opponents. The sports managers work in the team being the team, therefore it is the most important criteria that the manager must undertake in order to understand d the issues that the team is facing or the issues among the team members.  The communicational and the decision-making skills are important for the team to exceed the expectation. The manager must make use of the proper communication and monitor over the issues faced by the team in order to enlighten them and keep them united on field.

The basic criteria of the planning process depends on the individuals, the people who are being included based on the principles of the sport (Galloway, 2013). Management of the sports is an important aspect that is required to be adhered in order to maintain the wholeness of the events.  Proper management, based on the ethics, is an important part in order to retain the authenticity of the sports that is being undertaken.

According to the podcast that is being considered as a support of the discussion that follows, the basic criteria of choosing the right person for the sports is based on the factors that affect the sports (, 2017). The factors are being broadly discussed in the discussion that follows. The managers hold a very important position in maintaining the equality and the unity of the team in regards to the issues that are being faced by the team. The managers hold a very significant position in not only influencing the events of the team functions but also to keep the team motivated.

Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that the effective functions undertaken by the managers is an important consideration that a team must undertake in order to understand the requirements of the team and thereby take decisions depending on the needs and requirements thus.


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