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SOC 3810 Sociology

Published : 15-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


In one to two pages, provide a synopsis of your topic. Essentially, summarize what/who you will be writing about. I should be able to clearly understand your direction for the argumentative essay from your proposal. The purpose of this assignment is for me to ensure that you have identified an appropriate theme and focus before you begin writing. My feedback to you may include suggestions and commentary for further development or for new direction.

Your topic should be arguable, and you should know how you will approach it. You should also know how you will attempt to support your position and should share some basic supporting facts.


The issue on the legalization of marijuana evokes diverse reactions from different places across the globe in accordance with how the correlated morals shape or rather dictate one’s opinion. The legalization of marijuana for the medical purpose has over the years remained the subject of continual controversy based on its clinical applications in state-sanctioned dispensaries and the place of marijuana in the public health policy (Ferguson 45). The medical applicability of this illicit recreational substance has re-surfaced as a timely, albeit polarizing, subject to clinical practitioners and members of P&T and the public. However, many states have or are currently embracing the legalization of marijuana for the medical purposes (Monte, Richard and Kennon 242). Conversely, the healthcare practitioners undertake in-depth studies to understand the effects of marijuana on their clients. Many benefits have been realized from the utilization of medical marijuana. However, the utilization of marijuana is restrained by regulatory inconsistencies and ambiguities. This is because there are legal risks involved due to the difference in its prescription by a different physician from those prescribing traditional approved medications. Another inconsistency is that P&T committees may find it hard since hospitals are mandated to dispense marijuana (Hickenlooper 245). Marijuana should be legalized and eliminated from the criminal justice systems but regulated similarly to Tobacco and alcohol. The drug should be legalized and regulated to ensure that country’s largest cash crop is included under the rule of law. Legalization and regulating marijuana will create jobs and increase economic opportunities within the formal economy rather than the illicit market. This will also lead to the preservation of state scarce law enforcement resources. It will be better used to protect public safety and a reduction in the corrections and courts costs. There will be an increased acquisition of significant new sources of tax revenues from the regulation of marijuana sales (Campbell, Jean and Nathan 56). The continuous criminalization of marijuana harms the young population, people of color disproportionately. Marijuana’s criminalization has sponsored massive levels of corruption and violence and has failed to bar youth access.


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Monte, Andrew A., Richard D. Zane, and Kennon J. Heard. "The implications of marijuana legalization in Colorado." Jama 313.3 (2015): 241-242.

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