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SOC101 Sociology

Published : 09-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Base on what you learn about sociology and sociological careers ,think about whether you would be interested in pursuing a career in sociology. Why or why not ? Write a report on the careers that are available to people who study sociology and your thoughts about these careers.



The  study of sociology investigate lifecycle in the society, communal revolution, and the communal problems and results of social behavior. A sociology graduate can examine the structure of community, associations, social orders, and how these individuals collaborate inside these unique situations. Since all human conduct is communal, the topic of social science ranges from the private family to the unfriendly horde. From sorted out misconduct to spiritual groups, from the disunions of races, gender and community class to the mutual convictions of a typical culture and from the human science of work to social sciences, (Coser, Lewis 64). Indeed, few arenas have such extensive point and pertinence for research, hypothesis, and utilization of information. Human science gives numerous particular points of view on the world, producing new thoughts and scrutinizing the old. The field likewise offers a scope of research systems that can be connected to any part of social life, wrongdoing and misconduct, corporate scaling down, how individuals express feelings, welfare or training change, how families vary and prosper, or issues of peace and war. As the accompanying pages pass on, human science is an energizing control with extending open doors for an extensive variety of profession ways. Some of the careers that one can pursue in sociology are, (Abbott, Andrew 209)

One can secure employment in different positions in large number of firms, which are said to characterize the extent of humanism. Some of the positions one can work under include the following,

  • Public administrations— this can involve restoration of peace in the community, administration in the community, aggregate work done with youth or the elderly, entertainment in the society in or organization.
  • Group employment— one can be involved in gathering pledges in the community, which are helpful in determining how the community would be governed. These pledges are important in ensuring that every member of the society id treated rightly in work places, (Helmes-Hayes, Richard 210).
  • In probation or other criminal work
  • In businesses in promoting workers, showcasing and customer relation, protection of human rights.
  • In school settings and arrangement of work in workplaces.
  • Checking for wellbeing in family settings, substance mishandling in firms and restoration of direct wellbeing of people in the community.
  • Distribution, reporting and advertising in business.
  • In taxpayer supported organizations by assisting in collection of taxes and revenues.


The future of sociology is brilliant for human science. The future might be the most energizing and basic period in the field's history. Individuals progressively understand that we should recharge endeavors to comprehend, enhance, or take care of issues in some of the states and around the globe - issues that influence people, similar to liquor addiction or joblessness, and issues that influence communal orders, similar to ethnic clash or natural contamination, (Chapoulie, Jean-Michel 112). A portion of the best business prospects might be in strategy research and organization, in clinical and connected sociological practice, and also in the conventional zones of instructing and essential research. Amid the last piece of this century, the interest for school teachers should build due to high rates of retirement among "time of increased birth rates" staff and the anticipated development in undergrad populaces in the late 1980s. Internationalization of both advanced education and the calling of humanism will likewise prompt new open doors inside scholarly world and in connected settings, (Holmstrom, Lynda 114).


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