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SOC101 Sociology

Published : 29-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Choose 2 articles of your choice and talk about it

1st summarize each articles

2nd give a critique of each articles

3rd Say if you support the point of view of the article why or why not. do that for each articles

4th Give a list of the cited web. I would like to talk about the troubles that cameroon(Africa) are going trow right now. and the massacre in Las Vegas 


Topic of discussion

The topic of discussion in this paper is the current problems that are going on in Cameroon and the recent massacre that took place in Las Vegas. These two scenarios have been very much effective in the recent social conditions and the shaping up of the two countries as well as their continents.  At the first point, the recent social issues that are taking over in Cameroon will have to be discussed (Bang, Henry and Roger 2012). The second point of discussion will be focusing on the massacre or the killing of several people in Las Vegas by the terrorists (Oliver 2017). Two journal articles will have to be chosen in this regard and will have to be analyzed.

Analysis of the article

Article 1 summary

The first article that will be discussed in response to the first topic is the recent social issues in Cameroon. Cameroon has been regarded as one of the culturally rich countries in the African continent. They have a very racism free atmosphere or culture within the country where several people belonging to the different cultures (Gabriel 2012). Many kinds of ethnic groups live in the country today. Many people belonging to different religions also live there with peace. However, there are some problems that have been very evident in the society of Cameroon. One problem is the unemployment and the other one is too much death because of HIV/AIDS (Mills et al. 2012). These things are the barriers why they have not been in the same line with the developed countries of the continent.

It has been noted that more than half of the population in the country is suffering from poverty as they are well below the poverty line. The education of Cameroon is far behind the average in Africa (Doh 2012). This has been one of their major problems because the people there do not have the proper education and they suffer from losses in most of the areas because of it. The government is unable to provide the quality education to its fellow citizens. The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate has been very alarming in the country. The records and statistics revealed that almost 30000 people die in Cameroon due to HIV/AIDS. Many other diseases are also very famous in this country like malaria, yellow fever, sleeping sickness, typhoid fever have been the causes of worry to the people in this country. Some other social and environmental issues have been noticed in this context as well like the deforestation and cutting down of trees in a random way (Sonwa et al. 2012). Poor sanitation has been a major problem in this country also that ultimately turns very harmful in causing health hazards among the people.

Article 2 summary

The second topic of discussion is the strip shooting in Las Vegas that took place a few days back. An unknown gunman started to shoot in the streets and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and numerous people had lost their precious lives in the midst of the shooting. After the incident the infamous group of terrorists Islamic State had admitted the responsibilities of this attack (Barrett 2014).  The Police authorities had confirmed that Stephen paddock had assembled around two dozen guns secretly in his room so that he could plot the attacks properly. The main culprit Stephen paddock had been finding the motivation for the attacks from sometimes back. He had gathered the ammunition in his bed room and finally began the shootout. The police authorities have been searching for the evidences carefully and they had investigated the news about the guard Jesus Campos had gone to stop him but he too was wounded in this matter.

The Sheriff of Las Vegas, Joseph Lombardo had been interviewed in this aspect and he said that it was not easy for the authority to trace anything. The police authorities have been constant in search of the proper reports on the mass attacks. This is because they wanted to know if there was any other shooter out there or any secondary attack took place there (Al 2017). New details had been found in this course as well. The new reports have disclosed the fact about the shots that took place near the hotel building. The guard during the shooting was injured and he had been injured very badly. It was clear from the investigation that Campos had been shot in the process and he had notified about this attack to the hotel security. The police had been searching for the source of those gunfire sounds and they found that Campos had been injured in the 32nd floor. This information had been relayed to the police officers who were searching the hotel rooms. In this article, the matters about the law enforcement have been discussed about in many ways. Las Vegas police had been asked about other important things about the interview but they had declined to answer it and did not want to disclose anything about the certain timelines and availability of Campos.

Article 1 critique

In this part the topic of discussion is the various issues that make a proper critique of the article. The first article that has been taken from Africa and the World, This article has stated about the different social issues in the country of Cameroon (Tchombe et al. 2012). Some major problems have been notified in this article that can belong to the social and environmental categories (Pullan et al. 2014). The social issues like poor sanitation, unemployment, poor education are the burning problems in the country. These issues and problems are serious issues indeed. It is the responsibility of the government to solve those problems (Tchombe et al. 2012). The children of the country will be very badly affected if the sanitation problems continue to remain. The facts have been very well organized in the article and the facts and problems have been constructed in a constructed manner. The data that have been portrayed have been collected from trustable sources and it can be said that the data presented here is true. These problems can be detrimental for the mankind. If the problems like deforestation continue, the evils like lack of rain will become an extensive problem that will cause great worries for the human beings (Lawrence, Deborah and Karen 2015). The government has to make proper arrangements for the good education of the poor people there. These things have to be tackled in a good manner because the progress and advancement of the nation depends on this.

Article 2 critique

This article has spoken about the recent strip shooting in Las Vegas and its related issues, the harms that have been caused and others. This article has also discussed the incident that happened there in a thorough manner. Many lives were lost and the police are trying to investigate these issues properly. This despicable attack was committed by Stephen Paddock and he killed almost 58 people and injured many. After the attacks, the Islamic State had accepted the responsibility of the attacks and that proves that they are trying to ignite the sense of hatred and killing of people (Stern and John 2015). The alliance of the powerful countries should execute strong operations against that terrorist forum who have already taken toll of the lives of thousands of people. Stephen Paddock had shot himself to die instantly. The connections should have been collected if he was caught alive.

Viewpoint about the first article

The first journal has put up the burning social issues in Cameroon so it can be said that no negative points can be addressed for this journal. The issues that have been very much in talk about Cameroon have been showcased in this journal in a well manner. The points that have been highlighted in the article have to be supported. These things are social evils and have to be taken care of. This article has been presented with the intention to denote the problems that have destroyed Cameroon to an extreme level. None of the points can be noted as out of the topic. The problems like poor education, unemployment, poor sanitation, deforestation and others can do major harms to the environment.

Viewpoint about the second article

The second article talks about the massacre of the Las Vegas. The incident was so shocking that the entire world was stunned. The second article has reflected the things that had taken place at that place. However, the links with the Islamic State was not discussed in this article in a big way. The article has put more focus on Jesus Campos injury and on the person who was behind these attacks, Stephen Paddock. This is why the viewpoint of the article cannot be supported from all the angles. This is to say that the article has discussed about the various factors if the vicious attacks. The actual focus should have been on the activities of the Islamic State and their whereabouts and what actions should be taken against them. This is why it can be said that all the things that have been said and discussed in the article cannot be supported properly because it has deviated from the actual issue.

Cited web for first article

Cited web for second article


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