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SOC101 Introduction to Sociology

Published : 24-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


1. Which film did you choose, and what does the film show of how inequality is experienced by the group(s) at the bottom of the stratification system?
2. What disadvantages does the film explain still keep social mobility closed for individuals within that group (and how do some manage it)?
3. How successfully have social policies including welfare, public education, anti-discrimination laws, and/or affirmative action, made society more equitable? Do you have any ideas for social structures that could be actively improved either by local communities or government? 


Answer 1

The film chosen was on gender inequality named ‘Gender: What stands in the way of women being equal to men?’ There are many rules in different ways, which shows that differences between a boy and the girl. It varies in different ways in different countries. Therefore, the main reason for choosing this very topic is that in some counties as the one mentioned in the movie that is Jordan the parents dominate the girl child by binding her with unlimited rules and regulations, which are not applicable for a boy child. This has been found prevailing throughout generations after generation. Iceland is most liberal than other countries when it comes to gender biases but still they have not yet broken the glass roof which is still lying over the heads of the women.

Answer 2

The disadvantages that are explained in the film to have kept social mobility closed for individuals within that group are as follows-

  • The women mainly live in closed societies. Like in Jordan the women are not allowed to play outdoor sports like basket that are easily accessible to the boys. The boys can move in and out of the house at their own will while a girl cannot. The boys can mix with anyone at his wish but a girl needs the permission from her family to mix with a friend or not. If the family background of the friend is more liberal than girls may not get permission from their parents to mix with someone belonging to that liberal family background (Branisa, Stephan and Maria).
  • In United Kingdom, parents are unwilling to let their daughters roam at dusk because of ugly incidents. This is not the case for men.
  • In Africa, the risk factor prevailing for women are that rape is very common and the main disadvantage is that a woman can contact with sexually transmitted diseases (mainly HIV).  Another disadvantage here in this country is that Men doesn’t want women to earn more than them. Their main perspective towards women is that they should look after the household and focus on bringing up their children, whereas, men will take the charges that are associated to the outside world, they will earn and run the family (Amadiume).

Answer 3

It is seem in general that in case of women getting high degrees in academics will not fetch her much if she is not good with their behaviors. Whereas, a boy can do whatever he likes which the society often ignores however faulty he is. Social policies in many countries have at least opened the gateways of women to get education and to engage in certain actives apart from their household chores. However, in Jordan it has been seen that women are still way behind in comparison to men thus, no policy or laws have made the women free even today. Laws should be much more stringent so that there should be no difference between genders except anatomically. Equal opportunities should be given to bother genders and there should be no reservations.


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