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PSYC 2301 General Psychology

Published : 19-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Suggestions & Recommendations: 

Begin by asking yourself the following: throughout my entire life, what would I consider to be one of the most generous contributions that I have unselfishly made to others? As you are conceiving an idea for this project, try to match or perhaps surpass the potential impact of this previous act. You will then carry out this new endeavor and describe the result, through the essay. This reflection should be regarding a NEW and current act of generosity. 
The following is a list of possible topics that can be addressed within the body of your paper. This is simply to generate ideas but should not limit you to only writing about only these matters:
How have your own attitudes and beliefs changed because of working with diverse people?
What kinds of connections can you make between what you've learned in your classes and how this may affect your personal development and behavior?
What insights have you gained about yourself, that you didn't already have?
How did you communicate with the people (or person) in your activity, especially if they had differing beliefs or lifestyles than you?
In what ways did your actions demonstrate your commitment to your community?
If necessary, make an appointment with the Academic Skills Center (A332) to assist you with the writing structure and grammatical part of this assignment. 


Throughout my entire life, I wonder what is the most generous thing that I have ever done to others without any selfishness? The answer can be very simple. I donated my blood for the first time last month. I was very afraid of injections and stitches from my childhood and I got very afraid whenever I got ill.  This thing invoked a sense of fear and nervousness in me. One day I fell seriously ill and I was admitted to a hospital. A few units of blood were needed to save my life. From then on, I became aware that blood donation is one of the most important factors that could be done without any selfishness and hesitation of mind. I came to realize this fact and one day I heard that a blood donation camp was being organized by our local communities in our neighborhood.

I believe that when a person suffers from a massive physical problem, he or she is in dire need of blood. This situation can only be overcome if people come forward to help the needy people. This is a humanistic cause and people should openly come up to support this act. I remember that time when I was in sheer pain and I was desperately in need of blood, a generous hearted man came to my parents and donated me his blood. I can say that I am only alive because of his unselfish blood donation. Later in my life, I came to know the people who are only between 18 and 65 years of age can donate their blood. The minimum body weight that is required to donate blood is 59 kilos. Every human being has 5 to 7 liters of blood in their bodies. This consists up to 7.7% of their total body weight. Every time blood is donated only about 350 ml of blood drains out from the body. This does not harm the body at all but it helps to create to new cells in the body. These things are very essential because I was quite motivated by parents when I went out to donate the blood. I felt pain primarily after donating the blood but when I realized this little sacrifice of mine could save a person’s life, I was literally amazed with my decision.

I had felt pride of my decision when I realized that I became a participant in saving the lives of the people with a little self sacrifice. I have learned that the act of blood donation helps the women to keep away from obstetric complications in their bodies or pregnancy problems. The act of blood donation is completely a voluntary act. This is why I must say that I became proud of my decision as it was taken entirely by mine. Some of the diseases where the patients need blood transfusion are hemorrhages, severe burns, cancer, any kinds of transplant, coagulation disorders and others. I feel a part of the fortunate people who have contributed to save the mankind. In these circumstances, I would surely want to focus on the facts that I had been able to save a person’s life when he was in dire need of it. I have read about the facts that in every two seconds, a person is in need of blood transfusion for some reason or the other. The World Health Organization has again and again put its strength on the importance of blood donation for the human beings. SO, I have responded to the urge of the World Health Organization. The patients who are suffering from diseases like blood cancer, thalassemia and other emergency situations need urgent blood transfusion and I have thought of building up an agency who will take after these needs with urgent intervention.

Blood and platelets are needed for the burn victims and I have also urged to some important people about my initiative and take them under my confidence to start this project. I hope this will inspire many of the boys like me and I will be very much happy to be able to do something for those poor people. I hope this small step of mine will help millions of people to fight against the evils of these diseases even more strongly. 


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