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PRDV103 Interviewing Skills

Published : 01-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


The assignment is to write a paper that could be use for organization Onboarding Job Shadowing. Job Shadowing will become a part of the onboarding process f or "new hires." It should be written from this perspective.


Organization Onboarding Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is a form of on the work preparation in which a new worker or existing employee gets the chance to familiarize with a new job, observes, and follows a trained employee. It is useful to use job shadowing to train specific jobs (Reese, 2005).

Job shadowing gives a student, intern, or employee an adequate knowledge about what is done by a particular employee, the important deliverables anticipated from the profession, and the employee with whom the contract interrelates. Much experience rather than job description is provided by job shadowing since employee describes his or her work (Lozada, 2001) .

When an organization is onboarding new employees, or when the existing long-term employees want to learn new thing concerning the job, using job shadowing will be effective and reliable in training them. This is because much information is provided through job shadowing and it will remove the fear of unknown from the employee. Job shadowing can also help the employee who wishes to have potential moves or career opportunity through job transfer.

Job shadowing is important for practical jobs than theories, or when the key module of learning is observation. When job shadowing, the recruits can view what is being done. But, in job shadowing, the member experience and sees the gradations of how the job or the service is done (Lozada, 2001)

While all job has the component of job shadowing as part of employee training, some jobs which are effective to job shadowing include:

  1. Restaurant employee: cooks, hosts, serving staff, etc.
  2. Medical profession: occupational therapy, surgeon, radiologist, physical therapy, etc.
  3. Manufacturing jobs: quality control, machine operators, supervisors etc.
  4. Administration: administrative assistant, clerks, secretaries etc.

How to conduct job shadowing

There are four steps in conducting successful job shadowing, they include:

Step 1: select employee to participate

Before conducting job shadowing, the HR manager should be in a position to choose those who are going to participate in the program. The program should be placed on recruits and those employees who want to shift their career. The selected members should represent what is needed in the organization.

Step 2: Review pertinent information to cover

It is essential to provide true information about the department. This should be done without hiding any bit whether negative about the unit.  For instance, when the department is straggling to achieve its goals, it is essential to show the selected members about this. The members will decide whether they are interested since there are some employees who are not interested in working in department’s that lack defined process.

Step 3: Coordinate logistics

Adequate noticed should be provided to employees so that they can plan adequately. Shadowing should be scheduled at a time that best reflects the average day of the job, and the candidate should not observe the position at the busiest or the lagging time of the day. Emphasize that this is the typical day and discuss challenges when volume fluctuates. Before the set day, ensure there is adequate coverage by reviewing the schedule. An extra person can be added to provide that employees being shadowed can devote their full attention to the candidate (Reese, 2005)

. Every candidate who is shadowed must sign a shadowing argument and the complete form retained in the department file.

Step 4: Review evaluation

Question asked by the candidates should be noted since they reflect the candidate’s interest and this can be used to gauge their continued interest. A debrief should also be scheduled immediately in wrapping up shadowing experience. The team should be requested to share their opinion about the candidate experience and their opinion regarding the candidate’s ability to fit the existing. The evaluation should be used to encourage the new employee and encourage them to be positive (Reese, 2005).


Lozada, M. (2001). Job Shadowing--Career Exploration at Work. Techniques: Connecting Education and Careers, 76(8), 30-33.

Reese, S. (2005). Exploring the World through Job Shadowing. Techniques Making Education and Career Connections, 80(2), 18-23.

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