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POLSC232 American Government

Published : 06-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Is Social Media a good forum for elected leaders? How should they best communicate with the public? Youll evaluate the President and Vice President on their use of Twitter and Facebook to implement their agendas.

What message or agenda are each conveying to “followers? Discuss three (3) themes for each official.

Are they consistent with whats on their official government pages?

Do these elected leaders have any more personal or social responsibility to the citizens and residents of the USA than the average Facebook or Twitter user? Why?

If you were the social media advisor to each man, what would suggest for each? Based upon your best practices, are they doing it right? What can each do to try to reach out beyond their base of supporters/followers?
How would you distinguish between what is truth v what are lies?


The press is an artificial technology meant to connect people. It should be a neutral conveyer of inter-personal information at a minimum cost irrespective of the geographic settings. The readily available computers and mobile phones allow an interactive multimedia to host many users across the globe. The innovation of ideas like Facebook, Twitter and email servers among others makes interactions more efficient. The internet gives a favorable environment for everybody.

Public service requires mass communication for efficiency. Some of the Citizens who understand their rights are deeply rooted in politics. Any reliable website gives valid updates. Virtual meetings through media platform allow different ideas to be raised, discussed and initiated in a political arena. It works best if everybody owns up to their online posts. The most effective way for a leader to relate publicly is through hypermedia. If excellent listening and communication skills are applied, understanding allows leaders to mobilize people towards a common goal ("Social Media In The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election"). A reliable social web is always the better option.

Trump's administration is utilizing social media accordingly. The president can tweet almost ten times a day having the most popular Twitter account, @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump. Facebook hosts him as President Donald Trump and his vice as Mike Pence. Twitter recognizes the office of the 48th vice president as @VP. To strengthen America like before is their collective agenda. At least each decision and step the two make is monitored closely by multitudes as they openly share their thoughts on the internet. However, Facebook is favored more than Twitter by this administration due to its larger market capitalization ("How Donald Trump Is Changing Presidential Communication").

Frontrunners should act best on multimedia. The following should be done;

-Allow an even conversation involving listening and responding accordingly

-Account for any fault to avoid its future occurrence.

-Respect critical opinions to prevent online conflicts.

-Contact the editor for more information about the effects of a post for surety before sharing.

A good leader intends to do good for the best interests of residents.

Donald, .J. Trump, wants to assure his followers that he has the potential to deal with the old problems affecting the country ("Social Media In The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election"). His success in personal businesses is the motive. Conventional media is untrustworthy according to him, so it is the main issue to resolve. He said that The New York Times and CNN are also his enemies. Mike pence seem to give full support the president.

The US Dollar has a high global value due to America’s economic success. A successful businessman like Donald Trump is just the right choice to run the country's commercial activities. He promised his followers the creation of more jobs and tax relief for America. Unlike Trump, Pence wants to destroy the middle-class citizens. Despite their historical differences, they both planned to contribute funds to some of the citizens. New York hosted trump while Mike Pence went to Michigan to provide capital for the Michigan GOP.

Politics is a new experience for the new US president ("Social Media In The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election"). He should learn quickly. Running a country needs people like Pence who has lived politics for more than a century. Republicans believe that he is their future president. Trump's relations with Russian leaders prove his incompetency towards serving the country.

Corruption is still an issue in the USA. Hillary Clinton was accused of being corrupt by Trump. He fired James Comey for the same claims ("The Key Themes Of Donald Trump's Speech"). These scandals made republicans to suspect Donald. The vice president had no much involvement in the issue. He became some of the people’s preference.

 Trump's administration seems to align itself with the democratic constitution ("How Donald Trump Is Changing Presidential Communication"). Trump represents his people well on social media by saying and doing what the necessary. People's rights are taken more seriously since trumps inauguration. He should correct previous mistakes on essential matters like communication and implementation of government policies.

The world today relies more on social media than any other source. It has simplified interactions. Just one person can change the whole world by the help of hypermedia. The media has provided more knowledge of the surrounding to people within a short time. Challenges affecting the media has strengthened its role in the society. It is too late to get rid of social media.


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