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POL S 321 A American Foreign Policy

Published : 27-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


In Diplomacy, Henry Kissinger states, It is above all to the drumbeat of Wilsonian idealism that American foreign policy has marched since his watershed presidency, and continues to march to this day. Agree or disagree. Justify your answer.


It is true to justify that, “It is above all to the drumbeat of Wilsonian idealism that American foreign policy has marched since his watershed presidency, and continues to march to this day.” The president left the legacy behind which is continuing with the expansion of America’s foreign policy Woodrow Wilson had taken the initiation to give America another shape. America must focus on the intervention policy and must try to come out from the shell of isolation. Wilson also focused on reframing the shape of the Democratic Party into a political party. Under his regime, America saw a change in the phase of foreign policy and with time, it gained momentum, which was exercised by the other presidents of America.   .

As stated by Henry Kissinger, according to Wilson, America was not justified on the ground of the need to sustain the balance of power, but the main driving force behind the principles of Wilson is to spread its principles all over the world. Despite his failure to convince his fellow citizens to pursue the democratization in the society, his ideas still carry significance under the regimes of the presidents of USA. Since the start of the Cold War, with the emergence of globalization and under the reign of different presidents, the essence of the legacy of Woodrow Wilson’s  the administration of the United States of America. Your argument and supporting factors are fairly clear here—see my comments on revising the sentence structure.

In order to understand the importance of the quotation, it is important to talk about the provisions of Wilsonian idealism, which focuses on emphasizing on the self- determination of peoples, advocating the spread of democracy and capitalism, firm opposition to the isolationism, and carrying the favor of intervention. Accordingly, in the Second World War, with the attack on Pearl Harbor, America came out from the shell of isolationism and was determined

to spread its principles of capitalism all around the world in 1940’s However, this interest leads to the growth of enmity against USSR in the Cold War era. America by the means of obligation of spreading its principles started following the ideals of “Realism” against USSR’s policy This further leads to the intervention policy through the implementation of Dollar Diplomacy. Therefore, in this scenario as well, the ideologies of Wilson are being taken into consideration. In the era of Cold War, in order to spread its ideals of capitalism, with the help of the forces of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the country had intervened different countries and established its supremacy. Middle East and other Western and Eastern European nations have experienced the propagation of capitalism by the  USA. By inculcating these principles of Woodrow Wilson, the foreign policy of America became stronger in the year 1991 by defeating USSR. America gained its strong foothold on the soil of Middle Eastern countries. Mainly, the ideals of Wilson are to end a war with the war, America is determined to continue its legacy as well in the Cold War through the inculcation of its ideology more than the balance of Power. That is why Cold War is termed as at time “The battle of Ideology”. It has been clarity in the Cold War that Wilsonian’s ideology has been utilized well under the presidentship of Richard Nixon or Kennedy in 1960’s

After the end of the Cold War, America still continued to defend its interest behind the policy of the country’s national interest. Middle East for America has always been a target as the base for national interest. Presidents such as Bill Clinton, Bush, and Obama have continued to carry out the legacy of Wilson ideology under the umbrella of administration of USA. Under the rule of Bill Clinton, providing the humanitarian aid to the different countries through the

policy of intervention and increasing its power of alliances with the other countries accordingly. However, the relation with the Middle East continues through the process of intervention and trying to control the Shia Shunni ideas. Under the administration of both Bush and Obama, the intervention policy and standing against isolation continued with the self- determination and spreading its wings across other countries and controlling the administration of the Middle Eastern countries I’m not seeing the connection back to your argument as clearly as I could here. If you want, we can talk about how to focus paragraphs in our meeting tomorrow.

Wilsonian ideologies are being performed in the form of 14 principles which he expected to lead to a peace and tranquil condition in America He believes in liberalism, however, his ideas as realistic which talks about America’s intervention policy in terms of spreading its principles more than concentrating on the balance of power. It is the combination of liberalism and realism that still being followed under the administration of United States of America. USA, though it faced certain set -backs in its foreign policy, the world believes that country is a superpower and this ideology is being carried out by the principles of Woodrow Wilson, which initiated the change of foreign policy for America.


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