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PHIL 106 Business Ethics

Published : 07-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Corporate Ethics Policy

Students will use the information from chapters 8 & 9Business ethics:ethical decision making cases, Ferrel,et,al.11th ed. to develop a corporate ethics policy. This policy can be catered to a "pretend" (Rollin Rocks) organization or you may select a company and develop the policy around the mission of that organization. The policy should include the following:

Brief description of company, their target market of consumers, and whether the company is global or not.

Company's Mission Statement

Codes of Conduct/Ethics

Values Orientation (accountability and commitment of employees)

Statement of Values (addressing the public as well as stakeholders)

Assigned Ethics Officers and how they will monitor/enforce policy. Be sure to include penalties or enforcement measures for violations.



Rolling rocks is an American company which is primarily into the production of beer. The company through its official website states that the company is dedicated to manufacturing beer which would be loved by the people. The company brews more than a 100 beer brands in the country. The companies also hold about 45.8% percentage of shares in the beer market. The company has the motto of “working together and winning together”. The ambition of the organization is high but the organization itself if always grounded (Home, 2017)

Companies Mission Statement

A mission statement of an organization sets out the goals which the organization seeks to achieve.  Rolling rocks had been initiated in the year 1939 by the Tito Brothers. According to Ferrell et al., (2015) a mission statement has to set out the objectives which the organization and its employees must be motivated by and always strive to achieve.

 “We obsess over originality.
We choose to follow paths few dare explore.
We seek to discover expressions of self that reveal the independent spirit in all of us.”

Code of conduct

The guiding principles and the expectations of an organization are set out through the code of conduct.

At rocking rolls the code of conduct is to enhance workplace relationships along with the relationship of the organization with the outside world.

  • The employers must be respectful to each other in the work place
  • They should not indulge in any bullying activity
  • They should not indulge in the practice of discrimination
  • They should support the right of other employees
  • The employees must upheld integrity in the market place
  • They must not indulge in any behavior which is not ethically or morally correct in the market place
  • They must not indulge in any act of corruption
  • The employees must incorporate ethical behavior in all their activities
  • Their activities must manifest high degree of diligence, care and morality.
  • The employees must be responsible towards their works so that the best interest of the stakeholders can be assured.

Values orientation (accountability and commitment of employees)

Rocking Roll feels proud to give its clients around America the product which have been promised to them. The employees always strive to work ethically and ensure that they secure the best interest of the organization. They understand their roles and also their liabilities in relation to the organizational interest. They must always act and good faith and avoid any conflict of interest.

Statement of values (addressing the public as well as stakeholder)

It is the duty of all businesses to not only make profits and look after its stakeholders but also to engage in the development of the society as a whole. The organization has a strong sustainability policy to take care of the environment. The organization also pledges to direct a percentage of its income to the development of the society.

Ethics officers (penalties enforcement and monitoring.)

A committee is established within the organisation which is headed by the ethics officer. The post has been created by the organisation in order to strengthen the compliance of ethics within the organisation. The role of the committee headed by the ethics officer is to ensure the enforcement of the code of conduct monitoring how the employees are complying with the code of conduct and setting on penalties for the breach of the code of conduct by an employee.

The code of conduct is enforced through a collateral contract which is formed between the employee and the organisation along with the contract of employment. Through the contract the employees agree to abide by the principles provided by the code of conduct while discharging their duties in relation to the organisation. Along with provisions of strict enforcement the employees are made aware about the importance of such policies within the organisation through training and awareness programs.

There are several strategies which are employed by the committee in order to monitor compliance with the code of conduct. Periodic feedback is taken from the employees in relation to how they feel about the workplace and there colleague. A complaint box has been set so that any employee who is facing issues within the workplace can make a complain without having the fear of being targeted. It is also the duty of the officer to monitor the compliance with the code of conduct personally through various inspection.

It is also the function of the committee to set out penalties in situations where the code of conduct has been violated. The penalties are set out within the company at three levels. These levels are namely serious penalties which involved termination or long term suspension from work. This penalty is often provided for offences which result out from a serious breach of the code of conduct. Medium penalties which involve suspensions as well as salary deduction and often result out of less significant breach of the code of conduct. Minor penalties which include warnings and salary deduction and result out of minor beaches of the code of conduct.


Home. (2017). Retrieved 13 October 2017, from

Ferrell, O. C., & Fraedrich, J. (2015). Business ethics: Ethical decision making & cases. Nelson Education.

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