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OA633 Managing Organizational Change

Published : 15-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Case: Lincoln Hospital: Third Party Intervention.

The following subtitles need to be written.



Potential or Current Ethical Issues

Alternative Solutions

Chosen Solution from the Alternative Solution

Business Case Supporting Chosen Solution

Implementation or Next Step



Bargal and Schmid (2012) depicts that at all levels of the organization there is a chance of arising conflicts among the employees and a person or a team of people who become involved in a conflict in order to resolve the issue is known as a third-party intervention. The organization that is considered in this assessment is the Lincoln Hospital, which is a non-profit organization, which is suffering from productivity; staffing and teamwork challenges. This assessment will cover the issues, interventions, solutions and the future strategies to avoid such situations.


This challenge results in deterioration among the two important working personnel in their working relationship- the new chief of surgery, Don and OR director, Mary. The issues raise due to this confliction is the poor performances of the OR nurses and surgeons. However, it is evident that both the leaders are competent enough and serve their best for the betterment of the organization for a long year; however, the surgical staffs want to fire Mary due to their regular conflict. This situation had placed the president in a complex situation as he wanted to retain both the talent but he also does not want to continue with the adversity that is going on in the workplace.  

Potential or Current Ethical Issues 

There are currently different types of issues that are occurring in the Lincoln Hospital and it is addressed during the contracting phase of the relationship among the two considered people. As mentioned above the conflict between the Don and Mary result in turmoil among the staff at the hospital. This factor leads to poor performance and less productivity and profitability for the organizational, which is an issue that is occurred due to the improper organizational culture and hence can be considered as an ethical issue. In addition to that, due to the conflict between Don and Mary, many nurses began to leave the organization and the nurse, who were replaced were either untrained or need further training to attain the organizational goals and objectives.

Alternative Solutions 

Some of the alternative solutions that were considered in this situation were developing a strategic plan that comprises of a diagnostic stage so that exact problem can be assessed. Moreover, third party intervention facilitation and other follow up procedures are also suggested during the issues in the organization. Additionally, formulation of a contracting phase is also taken into consideration for preliminary exploring the organization’s problems and issues and enhancing the relationship among the key practitioner of the organization.

Chosen Solution from the Alternative Solution 

  It is found that all the process of diagnostic stage and contracting phase is chosen by a third party that is the President of Lincoln Hospital. While Kramer et al. (2012) portray that contracting phase is the initial stage of the organizational development (OD) consultancy cycle that explores the problem and its occurred consequences that affect the performance of the organization. Moreover, Cummings and Worley (2014) depict that in organizational development, the diagnostic stage covers the second stage of the OD consultancy cycle. The major benefit that can be obtained from this process is the provision of the organizational leadership to the ongoing adversity and proper data to the OD practitioner so that the adversity can be diminished. Lastly, the third-party intervention or the peacemaking interventions are the process that offers mutual positive motivation to the targeted people and a synchronization of confrontation with other team members.

Business Case Supporting Chosen Solution 

The solution that is chosen from the three above alternative solution was the third party intervention. Moreover, it can be said that this third party have utilized the other two strategies for diminishing the raised problems in the workplace. Hayes (2014) defines that in this case, a third party involves among the two suffered people and investigates the root cause of the major adversity. The president of the Lincoln Hospital was the third party, who decided to interview Mary and Don, the key people for the major problem. This process comprised of perception sharing, contracting and problem identification. In addition to that, the process of ‘follow-up’, that results in more than one meeting with the targeted people was also followed (Bargal & Schmid, 2012). The president took four meeting each with Don and Mary so that their progression in attitude and perception regarding each other can be evaluated.

Moreover, it can be said that the intervention process had played the key role during the adversity where not only the president but also some practitioner also talked with Mary and Don and found that outside the hospital they do not have any personal conflict but both of them do not like each other’s behavior. However, after the intervention period, when they heard that both of them valued each other’s commitments, they both decided to resolve their conflict.

Implementation or Next Step

It is noted by the President of the Lincoln Hospital that both Don and Mary values each other’s commitments for the organization. Moreover, both of them ready to begin building a trust among them which results in a successful and effective organizational culture.  It can be said from the above discussion that even though the only the interview process is considered where the president spoke with both of them, more effective steps that could have been taken for attaining the better result. Among these efficient steps- evaluating the 7S Model of organizational alignment is a tactic that provides a better understanding of the contribution made by the key people for the betterment of the organization. Kramer et al.(2012) stated that staff, strategy, structure, systems style, skills and shared values are the 7-S of the model and evaluation of these elements helps to reinforce the others to work for the betterment of the organization. In the case of the Lincoln hospital close evaluation of only three elements “staff”, “shared values” and “structure” can diagnose the adversity better. In this way, the general capabilities of the employees, their super-ordinate goals or the core values of the company that they follow and the way they utilized their competencies according to the structure of the organization can be evaluated more effectively and the problem could have been identifying more easily.


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