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NUR 490 Critical Care Nursing

Published : 23-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Susan is a 65 year old school Nurse who has recently retired from an elimentary shool.She is beging to feel rather lonely now that she is no longer working.She is a widow with adult childern living out of the area.Her childern have suggested that she may want to to their city and be closer to her grand childern.She has been avoiding these discussion with her family and tells them all is fine.Moving seems like a major upheaval to her.Although she has been in fair health physically,at her last visit to the health care provider, she has lost 10 LB and is just below her desire weight.
Explain or select a developemental theorem presented in this module and apply it to scenario above.
Use the chosen theorem to address the following
(A)Explain her behavior(
B)State two priority nursing concern and related nursing intervention for her.
Identify and state any concern associated with the propose Nursing care.
State how propose nursing care could be ehance to be more patient center



Population ageing creates an array of health and social concerns, especially those elderly who live alone. It has been found through various researches that the elderly living alone are more likely to generate depression and have poor mental health status and the quality of life, apart from their counterparts (Meiner, 2013). Although many authors have said that psychological well being of a person depends upon the age, sex, work activity status and the self rated health.

Development occurs throughout the older adulthood. Physical changes along with mental changes occur in the polder adult hood. Erickson has included the adults in his psycosocial theory of human development. The psychosocial problem at this stage of development is the integrity in the ego versus despair. Older adults have a capacity to reflect on their lives. They achieve the ego integrity when they feel that their life has got some sense. If the older adults do not meet the challenges they tend to feel that their life is too short. The same thing is seen in the case of Susan. Therefore she needs a type of care that is more patient centered.

Susan’s behavior

In the following report we come across Susan who is a 65 years old school nurse and has just retired from her job. She is a widow and has children who are adults and stay separate with their families. Although Susan might convince the other’s that it is alright for her to live alone. But the retirement has left her lonely. It can be seen from the given case study that Susan had already lost 10 Lb of weight, although she was fine when she last visited the physician. A profound weight loss indicates that either she is suffering from an ailment or is suffering from depression and anxiety, which is having impact on her health status. It can be seen from the case that Susan’s children had offered her to come and stay with them, but Susan has been avoiding their offers may be because she doesn’t want to become dependent on somebody else as she had been independent her whole life. So travelling to her children’s place would be a drastic upheaval for her.

Nursing concerns

The major concern is that Susan is entering into the phase of depression and anxiety. If it is left untreated and is not managed in time, it can turn to severe effects which can lead to cognitive impairment and other physical concerns (Meiner, 2013).

Another issue is that Susan had lost weights drastically which can indicate the development of a disease. Therefore proper assessment has to be done by a registered nurse to provide care.

Nursing interventions

The elderly persons who have just retired tend to suffer from loneliness and addresses the Erickson’s theory of psychosocial development. Therefore they require a holistic care of approach to improve their quality of living. It has to be noted that the individual physical resources such as the mastery and self esteem, are the main resources of the mental health in old age that can be prevent the onset of depression and anxiety (Cotten, Ford & Hale, 2012). Another factor that might help to promote mental health is the expansion of one’s social network and perceived sense of trust and social support, which can be obtained from the umbrella term – social capital (Cotten, Ford & Hale, 2012). Limited and restricted social network and loneliness are associated with depressions. Thus the chosen theorem is being addressed.

It has been reported that only half of the elderly persons treated with medicine gets better. Physiotherapy can yield good results. In some cases a senior might be too embarrassed to open herself in front of a doctor (Meiner, 2013). The elderly retired persons who were once self dependent might lack confidence and undergo social withdrawal. It is very important for the nurses to provide spiritual, mental and environmental support to the patient. It is to be remembered that care for older people are complex and needs special skills. Evidence based practice is required in providing appropriate care to the patient ( Meiner, 2013).. In case of Susan the treatment should be evidence based; patient centered and should have lively approach.


Therefore it can be concluded that Although Susan is not confessing that she had been suffering from loneliness and depression, it is the duty of a registered nurse to take care of the mental, physical and the spiritual well being of a patient. A proper and a holistic care of approach can change the way of their living, as in case of Susan.


Cotten, S. R., Ford, G., Ford, S., & Hale, T. M. (2012). Internet use and depression among older adults. Computers in human behavior, 28(2), 496-499.

Meiner, S. E. (2013). Gerontologic Nursing-E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences.

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