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NUR 482 Nursing Leadership and Management

Published : 26-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


Meet with a nurse leader and review meeting minutes from a prior quality planning and a goal-setting meeting.

What format was used?

What is the follow-up for the meeting?

How were people notified about the meeting?

Are completed meetings sent out to the group?

How much detail is involved in the meeting minutes?

What kinds of goals were set during the meeting?


 A meeting had been conducted with the nurse leader through electronic medium of skype. The format was mainly a face to face meeting over electronic web system as it was not possible for both the stakeholders to come in person as the nurse leader had gone for attending a conference and was unable to be present herself at the preparation of the meeting minutes required for the next meeting on quality development of the healthcare centers.

The follow up of the meeting mainly comprised of arranging the different important points in order which will be discussed to the health professionals in the next meeting. All the important issues marked by the nurse leader was jotted down. I had to then rearrange them sequentially so that it becomes easy for the nurse leader to describe them in the next meeting of the health professionals (Gagliardi et al., 2014). Following the meeting, as per the nurse leader’s advice, I also noted down the different complaints which had come to me from the health profession also as the leader also needs to address them in the meeting. Moreover, in the follow up I also tried to collect as much information about the initiatives taken by the nursing leaders over time to maintain multiculturism in the workplace. Basically, I did all the activities as a part of follow up for the meetings so that I could be well prepared before the next meetings.

The notification of the quality control and goal setting meeting was written as an email and was verified with the nurse leader about the content of the notification and the time of the meeting. Once, the leader verified the email, it was sent to all the professionals who were expected to attend the quality planning and goal setting meeting through the email. In order to assure that he stakeholders have got and read the email, they were also asked to acknowledge the mail in the same chain so that the number of healthcare professionals who would be able to be present in the meeting could be known (Koivunen, Niemi & Hupli, 2015). Moreover, a notification of the meeting would be put on the notice board on the nurse resting areas so that they can also see them even if they miss to read the mails. This would also help to spread the news of the meetings through mouth to mouth discussions.

The email that was sent to the different groups of healthcare professionals had two important documents attached which they were requested to go through before attending the meeting. The first document contained the total number of important point that would be discussed in the meetings like increase of patient complaints, increase of absenteeism, increased miscommunication, increased medication errors and others. The second document mainly gave those details about how they can themselves jot down their own issues and describe them in the meetings which would be noted down by the nurse leaders and would be discussed accordingly (Majumdar & Santos, 2014). Both the documents would help in following a sequential pattern and the meetings would be conducted systematically.

Both the attached documents along with the written mail had all important information which would provide detailed information to the healthcare professionals and would help them to prepare themselves properly before the meeting.

During the meeting, the main goals which were set was to research over the patient complains and find out the main reason for patient dissatisfaction, the reason of absenteeism of the healthcare professionals, the reason of medication error, hygiene issues and others. It also contained discussion of the complaints of the healthcare professionals due to various issues that they face in organization (Smith, 2013). It also helped in setting of goals for development of quality in each of the mentioned criteria and how training would be conducted to help them overcome the issues.


Gagliardi, A. R., Webster, F., Brouwers, M. C., Baxter, N. N., Finelli, A., & Gallinger, S. (2014). How does context influence collaborative decision-making for health services planning, delivery and evaluation?. BMC health services research, 14(1), 545.

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Smith, L. S. (2013). Documenting the minutes at professional meetings. Nursing management, 44(3), 48-51.

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