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MSFS 1083 Funeral Service Psychology

Published : 06-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Green Burial is an eco-friendly alternative to final disposition. You are to research this topic and prepare a report.

Report on the "green" movement- what it is, areas of everyday life that are affected by it, and how it affects funeral service. What are funeral directors doing to address this movement? In what ways can funeral directors provide green funerals to consumers?


Green funeral is an event of burial where the activities and body to be buried leaves little or no impact on the earth. The fundamental areas of consideration are conservation of natural resources, a preserve of the environment, and protection of the health of workers therein. Over time, people have explored other means of burial that have a significant effect on the environment, reducing areas for cultivation and depleting resources (Zeng William, and Cheng 990). The use of green burial using green products through green cemetery and burial grounds remains viable in leaving less impact on the environment. Traditionally, people used to be buried in this way before the emergence of commercialized funerals. The green burial methods appeal to the religious traditions in the Muslim and Jewish traditional ceremonies.

Green Burial Resources

The use of green caskets made from sustainable materials that come from renewable resources. Such materials are friendly to the environment and disintegrate well in the process after that. As opposed to the presentation materials in making caskets such as wood and steel, not made from sustainable ways, green burial encourages the use of materials from renewable sources and those which do not harm the environment (Beard and William 51). The green casket composes of elements biodegradable, toxin-free, and produce no carbon to the soil. Commercially produced containers contain steel and chemical treatments which take long to break even in the soil thus posing issues to the environment.

At the same time, the use of mechanized means of lowering the body can be avoided, and the use of canvas straps and ropes embraced where the mourners drop flowers in the open grave as a final tribute as opposed to placing it on top of a grave. The transportation of the material would require more energy thus leading to increased carbon emission which affects the green environment (Yarwood 173). The practice would help in protecting the environment and reducing effects of non-biodegradable elements to the environment. The natural way of digging a grave is encouraged where after the process family members can plant flowers on top of the grave as opposed to cementing.

Green Cemetery

Green cemetery refer to sites for burial which do not allow vaults, caskets non-biodegradable and the use of embalming chemicals in body conservation. At the same time, such sites do not use pesticides or herbicides for maintenance of their grounds. Green funeral commits itself to the use of green cemetery and other natural reasons for burial. The type of burial prohibits the use of the outer cover of burial containers in a bid to maintain a natural habitat that encourages thriving of animals and plants (Rempel 6). The process deviates from the conventional types which use herbicides to maintain grounds, which affects the soil.

Green burial assists workers as there is no embalming thus safeguarding the lives of employees and the environment. The green funeral uses formaldehyde alternatives to embalmment by using essential oils that are approved and less harmful to the environment (Harrison 64). Green caskets are developed by companies that are certified to be producing containers in safe environments and from materials that are environmentally friendly. The benefits are passed to the environment where they are chemical free and release less carbon to the environment.   

Benefits of Green Burial

Green burials have diverse sets of benefits which not only pass the benefits to the environment but also to human beings working in the respective areas. First, the materials are simple to make and obtain as seen in the documents required to wrap a body and have it buried in that way. Secondly, it is cost-effective as opposed to the fancy caskets which cost a lot of money. A lot of costs is saved right from the body treatment process to the burial event and subsequent burial sites.

Elimination of hazardous chemicals is ensured through the process as the embalming process used in the conventional field is avoided thus avoiding the carcinogenic effect to the soil. The business assists in conserving the natural environment through the use of natural resources. The use of green economy occurs through the use of ecological resources that are renewable as opposed to wood and the steel which remain scanty (Johnson 3). Preserve of the natural areas takes place in the case where green burial sites allow other activities to go on, such as trees, flowers, and birds. At the same such areas do not use fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides thus maintaining a green environment.  

How to Use Green Funeral

There are sites and companies that specialize in green burial activities and are, thus important to be explored. In remaining ethical, there is a need for individuals to avoid the use of embalmment and use natural means (Bin and Yang 2). At the same time, it is important to consult and seek services of natural casket makers consisting of elements that are friendly to the environment (Butz 12). Securing the services of a funeral service that adheres to the specification assist in remaining responsible and selection of proper burial grounds that support development.  


 There is a need for people to consider the nature of green burial and its benefits as opposed to the use of the commercialized process of burial. A lot of money can be saved in the process of using the green funeral while preserving the environment in the process. At the same time, selecting green burial sites is essential to safeguarding the environment through the use of natural maintenance resources. The use of expensive and environment threatening sources should be discouraged at all times to ensure a preserve of the environment. The growing concern and threat to preserving of trees ought to draw challenges to individuals.  


Green funeral is a practice that caters to the need of the environment. In diverse ways, the method returns to the traditional forms of burial that was considerate to the environment. A lot of issues can be avoided through the use of green burial as it is less costly, simple, and environmentally friendly. Thus, there is a reason to embrace the method in the spirit of building and preserving a green revolution.


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