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MKTG611 Marketing Management

Published : 04-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


1.As a brand consultant

Analyze the branding of the Oktoberfest, considering various offline and online touchpoints/brand executions.

What possible actions could you take to strengthen the brand?

2. Describe an experience

That constituted "good service" for you; how could this be branded?

That constituted "bad service"; how could it be avoided in the future?


1.Oktoberfest is the fest that is one of the leading fests in the world that held annually in Munich. It is the fest that runs for about 16-18days and starts in late or mid-September to first week of October. It is the fest that is all about beer, fun, games and food. From all over the world, people get excited to attend this fest as they can have different typed of beer. As far as the target market of the fest is considered, it has been analysed that it is all about the people from age 16 to 35. Elder people also join the fest who loves to have fun. It may sounds like it is very fun place to go but for the businesses, it is the very serious opportunity to grab. As on the 16h day of the fest, das bier and gaudinockerln takes place. It has been analysed that the brands are using this as the opportunity to promote their products and brands. This fest acts as the platform for the business to market their brand at national and international level.

Brand execution is the process that deals with making the brand actionable and active. The brand is not just the promise to the customers but that promise needs to be in action so that the customers can feel the tangibility of the brands. There are several touch points that are being used for brand execution. As far as Oktoberfest is considered it uses all the touch points for conducting brand execution.

Product: in terms of product, Oktoberfest is serving the people with breweries products along with many other traditional products are of Germany. It has been analysed that product is the most important thing that is used to showcase you brand. This fest has made the scenario in such a way so that their customers feel comfortable in using all the services such as fun, food and beer at the same time.

Brochures: Brochures are one of the touch points that help the companies for marketing and branding. It has been analysed that Oktoberfest is using this strategy very efficiently for branding. The below picture suggests that the brochures of the fest is circulated all over by online or offline medium and have all the possible information that is required about the tents and the prices along with other facilities.


Stores themselves are the type of touch points that are used by Oktoberfest for branding. Store is used as the retail touch point for branding. The stores at Oktoberfest are in the firm of tents that are being purchased by different brands to showcase their products.


Oktoberfest use inspirational advertising in order to market the brand or for the purpose of branding. It has been analysed that the advertisements of this fest are so inspirational so that it can attract more and more people to join the fest.


Vehicles in terms of marketing or branding are the tool that has been used by the companies for the purpose of marketing or branding. It has been analysed that the vehicles that are being used by Oktoberfest are online as well as offline. The fest is so big that it is required to use different vehicles for branding all over the world.


Oktoberfest is very particular about the costumes about the uniforms. As discusses that it is the fest that deals with tradition of Germany, it also uses traditional uniform as the strategy for branding. The common theme that has been followed by women at the vent is Bavarian tight fitted dress with bow.

Offices: When the vent get started in the month of September, prior to that registrations starts at the office of Oktoberfest the pee, who wants to enter the wants or buy the tent needs to register at the office.


Oktoberfest is very particular about the packaging as well. It has been analysed that the products are sold in the new packaging that portrays the transition of the place.


The website of Oktoberfest can be accessible four months before the commencement of the fest. It has been analysed that all the require information is available on the website of the fest and the people can know about the fest and the vents as well as the products.

Social media:

Social media is the most important branding touch points. This is because it helps in providing the information about the fest to lager masses. Facebook is considered as one of the best way to be used by Oktoberfest to market the brand. This is because it helps in delivering the information and also helps in taking the reviews of the guest so that corrective action can be made the next time.

Oktoberfest so doing great with the branding tools but there is little scope left for the fest for branding. It has been analysed that the Oktoberfest needs to use some of the offline and traditional tools as well to strengthen their branding so that the traditional and local brands which do not have access to some of the online tools can also make an approach to enter the fest.

2.Good experience:

As far as the good experience at Oktoberfest is considered, it has been analysed that Oktoberfest creates an experience not only for the people but also for the businesses which are branding their business there. It has been identified that the customers who are coming at the fest develop so much of memories. The companies or the brand that are branding or marketing their products in general market by campaigning and other methods but branding at Oktoberfest results in a different level of branding that cannot be generated by the local branding techniques. The most important thing that has been analysed is the traditional touch. It is the fest that is about maintaining the tradition of the place and thus the local business get chance to market their products and showcase their brands at the fest. This is one of the best thing that is observed abut this fest. It has been experienced that the local retailers or the business, who were not able to approach the customers with their branding strategies have the opportunity of Oktoberfest to be in front of the market and the customers, even the customers get to know about various brand at this fest. As a consultant, it has been analysed that branding at that place for the traditional stores or the brands is best. The fest is much known for its tradition. It provides a platform to the local brand to market their products ta the fest.

These traditional and local businesses can make the things branded by promoting their products as brands in front of the customers at the place. It has been seen that the food businesses at the fest try to innovate their products in such a way so that the customers can eat their products by ingle hand. This is because it has been observed at the fest that most of the people have beer in one hand. Beer is the major element of that fest. It depends on the brand that how they use this opportunity that has been provided by the Oktoberfest for the brand to showcase themselves positively in front of the customers. Some of the benefits that the brands can achieve at this fest are penetrating into the market, launching their innovations or the brand, launching nay new products or enhancing their customer’s base.

Bad experience:

As far as the bad side of the fest is considered, it has been analysed that more of the local businesses are there and it is basically for the local only. This is because the foreigner who comes to visits the place ta that time finds it difficult to communicate with those local people at the stores. As a consultant, it has been suggested that Oktoberfest is beneficial only for the beer business. This is because most of the people came there only for having the taste of different types of German beer. It has-been analysed that the services there than beer finds it difficult to attract people and conduct their brand activities at the pace because everywhere it’s only about beer and beer. People are so much obsessed with beers that it can be replaced as the beer festival. The other businesses are not getting so much of branding here. It has been suggested that the management of the fest should avoid this type of branding and should allow the other services of the businesses equal to showcase their brands. This is because it is the fest that is for all age group people and if beer branding becomes the hype at the festival then the target audience get restricted. It is required to change the branding patterns at the fest so that most of the other businesses can also do their branding at the place.


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