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MGMT 690 Change Management Experiential Capstone

Published : 31-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


What type of development methodology appears to have been employed at Southern Company for the ECM project? Was this a good approach? Provide a rationale for your response. 



Southern Company is one of the major corporations running business in the United States. The company basically deals in electric and gas utilities. The name Southern was used because the company headquarters are found in the southern part of this country. It is categorized under holding companies which imply that it has stakes in other companies. The company has taken strategic measures to build its customer base hence it is rated as the second largest firms in the United States in terms of utility. (Philander, 2008)

Some of the concerns about this company are the issues of environmental health. The company deals in energy through burning of coal. This in itself is a danger to the environment. Despite the ability to provide utility to the consuming population in the US, the company has been criticized for its capacity to contribute to global warming due to the emission of the greenhouse gases (Tullos, 2011). Nonetheless, the growth of the financial and public interest has prompted the company to change its approach in the manner in which it handles the emission of the gases. (Sarni, 2015)

It is important to understand the history of this company in order to trace how its success came about. The company was launched in 1924 under a different name. It was then called Southeastern Power and Light. During this period, it was still a holding company with stakes in Alabama Traction, an entity that had run its business since the year 1906. It is clear that Southern Company used the opportunity to cooperate with viable companies in order to become a major player in the industry. (Lansford, 2016)

The growth of Southern Company can also be attributed to diversity. This firm dealt in many commodities and services. As mentioned before, such commodities included power and light which are more or less categorized as services. In the year 1981, this company launched operations as a global player where the company accessed close to ten countries in the whole world (Philander, 2008). By the time it got to 1991, it had stabilized the operations and in the bid to diversify more, the company formed numerous subsidiaries to serve the then increasing pool of clients. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the company has received various approvals and certifications to run the holding agenda. Since then, Southern Company has been out to form mergers with other companies running the same kind of business. The trend is positive and it is expected that the company will grace the industry for a long time because the consumption rates are always increasing with time. In fact, the company is expected to take the first position in the US ratings. (Tullos, 2011)

This discussion will be based on the future of the company and the specific steps and methodology that is suitable in implementing the ECM project. It is true to assert that the company has the financial capacity to implement the project because it has been in the industry for some time. (Lansford, 2016) .Apparently, the value that would be derived from the project will go a long way to benefit the people of the United States and the world.


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