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MGMT653 Leading Organizations

Published : 27-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Analyze and explain their roles as leaders in improving organizational effectiveness
Describe and develop human resource interventions that contribute to organizational competitiveness



Effective leadership and a notable HRM competitiveness are the two most powerful weapons that benefit its bearer and the others who are associated to the bearer by any means. The importance of leadership and an effective HRM becomes more valuable when it is related to some healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations are the source to supply a healthy world across the globe. However, the present healthcare world has more become a good source of business. Very few hospitals are there who are truly leaving their leadership impression on the betterment of humanity (Munir et al., 2012). Mayo Clinic at the Rochester, Minnesota (USA) is one of those names, which is serving the humanity with its utmost innovation in the field of medicine and research. The high-end investments on the research studies are just the mere example of their utmost corporate social responsibilities.

Leadership style at the learner’s organization

The leadership style at the Mayo Clinic is of supportive and transformational kinds, which believes in learning throughout the entire career at the clinic (Mosadeghrad & Ferdosi, 2013). It also believes in partner working with other physicians colleagues. Moreover, at Mayo, physicians are not provided with very high increment in their salary after being hired to some higher positions such as administrator and chairperson. The leadership style at the healthcare centre believes in life-long learning and excelling into innovative ideas that could benefit the service users (Mosadeghrad & Ferdosi, 2013). The rate of conversion from just physician to a leader is very low, which simply denotes that Mayo believes in imparting quality physicians only at the leadership position. At Mayo, physicians are treated just like any patient who needs firm supports of the physicians. Physicians are treated as if they are in a life-long learning process. Four behaviors are very important for the clinic, which they use to encourage their physicians. Those four behaviors are such as appreciation for works, encouragement for career making, transparency in leaders and appreciating the ideas. It is basically the participative kinds of leadership, which gives maximum chances to its physicians to be groomed as a leader.

It is very clear from the above discussions that Mayo Clinic has utmost importance to their service users. This one thing brings innovativeness into them. They believe in nurturing their physicians for inhibiting leadership qualities in them. Moreover, to justify the purpose they offer only a slight increment to their physicians on their movement to the higher position. It helps produce less but quality physician leaders, which is the secret behind the phenomenal success of my healthcare organization.

HRM behind the competitiveness

Mayo Clinic holds the reputation to be listed in the Fortune’s 100 best companies to work with and they have maintained such reputation consistently (Dialysis, Rooms and Nest, 2017). One of the key factors behind the success is their dynamic HRM who encourages every possible step to enhance their competitiveness (Vermeeren et al., 2014). The credible management of staffs that they use to make them engaged with learning process throughout their career, internal communication and an extensive on job training has kept their competitiveness alive. This is because of such reasons that employees feel motivated towards their work goals (Vermeeren et al., 2014). The HRM of the organization is capable in analyzing the required technology, which could enhance their service level. This is because of such reasons the Clinic offers phone consultation options to their service users where they can chat with their selected physicians. The virtual consultation takes place with the help of Tablets, PCs and Laptops. It offers consultation facilities to the worldwide patients. The technology, which it uses, is SBR iOS application that patients can use to have consultation with the physicians. The facility has enabled service users to get connected to the physicians even while they are busy. It has also enabled them from being protected to be in long rush at the physical place. It has also reduced the burden from the Clinic by sorting out the long rush at the physical Clinic (Elarabi & Johari, 2014).

Correlation of the contents with the management

The discussed contents in the assignment have its firm relation with the management concept. This can very well be understood with the help of management theories such as “Systems theory", which states that different systems can be designed to influence the performance of workers and the organizations. This is very much formed in the Mayo Clinic as in this Clinic physician leaders are encouraged for a life-long learning process. It is so because they want to inhibit the leadership quality in their physicians. The System management theory very much denotes the working principle of the Mayo Clinic.

Usefulness of information for the management people

The article is very useful for the management of any organization. This can help them systemize their working and have superior control on the proceedings. This is very necessary for a superior management system within the organization. The information of the chosen article does also help the human resource management and guide them towards a more productive approach. This is also very useful for those who are pursuing the management courses at some degree colleges and the universities. This helps them have understanding on the practical aspect of the management system.


Mayo Clinic is highly competitive because of its competitive leadership quality and the efficient HRM department. The engaging and participative kinds of leadership at the Mayo Clinic have helped the organization to be in the list of such that are top organizations. The integration of technology to enhance its service and the end user experience just tells the level of innovation, which the HRM of the company has. The clinic has continually being ranked in the list of Fortune’s 100 best companies for its top leadership quality and the efficient HRM skills.


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