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MGMT495 Senior Seminar in Management

Published : 02-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Write about bachelor of management.What is the biggest thing you are going to take away from the undergraduacted experiences?
Think about what all you have learned : did you specific area more than other ?why? what were you suprised by? What stuck out more than nothing else these last few year?
Write about the Senoir Seminar in Management.


Bachelor of Management studies is a three years graduation level degree courses with the eligibility of 10+2 or any equivalent qualification with minimum fifty percent of marks. Sometimes students have to give entrance test for the admission in some reputed colleges and universities of the management studies (Hislop, 2013).

The purpose of this essay is to reflect the course program and specific interest developed during the course in any particular topic related to the study. The essay will also elaborate and analyze the reasons of likings and the biggest take away from the course.  

The main course of study includes the Introduction to Management, which provides a concise introduction related to management skills such as planning, structuring, controlling and leading of an organization (Langley et al., 2013).

This introduction part helps me to understand the basics of managing an organization and others in the organization. It also gives an understanding of being managed within the structure of an organization. The students of this course develop the skills to suggest the necessary solutions for different types of organizational and managerial cases (Pettinger, 2013). Human Resource Management is another topic included in the main course work. As a student of B.M.S, I have learned the HR policies that incorporate how to manage the people productively and orderly in an organization. Organizational behavior, which is a branch field of the Management focuses on the individual, group and interpersonal efficacy at work. Economics of Management, another important topic in the course concerns mainly with how to distribute and coordinate the resources of an organization to achieve its end goal. The Law and Policies develops a sense to tackle with the legal side related to business transaction. In the first and second years, the student studies about the above-mentioned subjects. It also incorporates the basic knowledge of Accounting, Introduction to Finance and Marketing, Micro Economics and business Law.

In third year, the students learn about the Organizational Strategy that gives an idea of how to imply various managerial styles in an organizational structure to enhance the main objectives (Dent, 2017). Apart from the study of Organizational strategy, I have opted for Leadership as my optional course.

The bachelor of management studies or in short B.M.S helps me to develop skills in management profession. Management suits as an organizational activity that enables people to work together in an organization to achieve desired goals effectively and efficiently (Brown, Colville & Pye, 2015). The course helps me to obtain skills and knowledge required for getting the management position in any organization. It gives me confidence to work in a management team and helps me to understand the managerial factors in an organization. I am able to apply in different kinds of jobs such as marketing, supply chain management, banking, accountancy and finance, human resources and information technology.

The biggest thing I want to take away from my undergraduate experience is the study of Human Resource Management. It is a special topic for me as lots of interest has been growing in last few years of my study. I have a liking for Human resource Management because I find it challenging and innovative at the same time as it deals with the strategic role to manage people, workplace environment and culture. The organizational workforce is solely depends on the well-managed Human Resource professionals (Beardwell & Thompson, 2014). They are not included in the core part of the employment team; rather they work as the mediator between the employee and employer as if the HR helps to connect the seeker and provider. However, in both ways that is for employee and employer the HR is an important person to contact with when there is vacancies in the company (Bratton & Gold, 2012).

The story of every successful company lies on the good working team of Human resource. The key responsibilities of a HR team also draw attention to me. It deals with various types of responsibilities including stating a job role, recruiting individual job seeker suitable to the job role. It also responsible to plan a training program whenever needed, developing a performance evaluation, planning to maintain a healthy working atmosphere and managing disputes, developing good public relations as a representative of the company to build important relationship with other sectors in business (Hendry, 2012). The nature of responsibility of the HR is deeply engaged in communications with different kinds of people from different sectors, which also has encouraged me.

According to me, the study of Bachelor of Management course helps me to understand how various factors related to the course works in an organization and its different branches of study with effective importance implying on the organization. In three years course, I have stuck with Human Recourse Management as it works as a bridge between the employee and employer. Human Resource Manager has work with the two.


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