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MGMT230 Principles of Management

Published : 27-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


The Statement of Purpose is an opportunity to demonstrate to application reviewers why you wish to pursue a doctoral degree at University, and also to showcase graduate-level writing abilities for their consideration. Applicants are encouraged to take time to develop a Well-Written statement that describes how previous education and experience has prepared you for doctoral studies, what you hope to achieve by pursuing a doctoral degree, and the personal strengths that will help you succeed in a doctoral program, please answer the following questions:

How has your previous education and/or work experience prepared you for doctoral studies at ( ) University?

What is your goal with regard to pursuing doctoral education at ( ) University?


A degree in Health Science focused on the study of health care for animals and humans, which applied the knowledge of science, technology, Mathematics. The knowledge from the practical study of health science makes us to learn so that we can improve the health of living creature. The master level degree in health science, which is build upon the bachelor degree in applied science and technology having its core or major study in medical science, helps me to have an understanding about the public health and concentrating upon heath promotion. The degree helped me to study on decision making and studies based to achieve health care of nation and worldwide.

The master degree in health science proved beneficial for me since it helped me to pursue doctoral degree. I can play a role as a researcher if I pursue a career in teaching at the University. A degree in health science focuses on the study of both clinical and non-clinical education, which specializes in public health, diseases, and infections. The course, give strong emphasis on the critical analysis, data collection and research in health care promotion. The previous master’s degree helped me to pursue a doctoral degree, which focused on preparing me for academia or doing research. It is the most prestigious degree in health science. The awareness, maintenance and improvement of the health in the nation is vital so if I am pursuing research in health science it will enable me to have an in depth knowledge of people or public health

A doctoral degree is a pathway for career in traditional academic research as well as it enables me to develop the entrepreneurship quality to do a start up. The development opportunity focused and dedicated to do in depth study of the health science of living creature helps me in all the career direction. The goals to pursue doctorate in health science at an University to pursue a professional career in Health Science which will enable me to do practice, education and research administration in health. The degree will enable me in a career of teaching, practice and research in healthcare. This program helps me to have knowledge, the social and psychological factors which will enable me in the learning of promo improvement of health.

The training and the thesis program will enable me to develop a confident approach to the work on research therefore will assist me to provide healthcare services and spread the knowledge of health improvement and teach the people further to create awareness of health and management of oneself and of the living being on the earth. The research training will enable me to have an understanding on the biotechnology, nursing, dental, radiology, pharmacy and physiotherapy. The research training will enable me to apply for academic teaching position in the various Universities, research institutes. The program assist in gaining knowledge on research, it helps for applying in the positions for training and teaching of students thereby supervising the student in the health science. I can pursue a scholarly activity, thereby solving healthcare problems, which will be helpful to formulate strategies to improve the health of the community at large.

The skills and the values, which I possess, will enable me to succeed in the desired field of health science. Firstly, I have a sound and expert knowledge in the heath science field. Secondly, I have the teaching ability and can manage complex academic issues and I am passionate about teaching which enables me have a creative ability to present to the student the knowledge about health care. Thirdly, the presentation and critical analysis helps me to have a thorough knowledge on the pros and cons of teaching and presenting to the students.

I want to pursue my career in teaching; hence, my major work will be that to evaluate the research of the students. It is one of the highest degrees pursued, which will help me to create a firm foundation so that I can conduct studies and share health information. The doctoral degree will also help me to have a leadership quality in healthcare, it will help me to conduct research and teach healthcare education. It will enable me in contributing and shaping policy of healthcare.

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