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MBA 670 Stakeholder Management Plan

Published : 16-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Describe the roles and responsibilities of each significant stakeholder, as well as their interests, involvement, interdependencies, influence, and potential impact on project success. Also specify how identification of new stakeholders or rising/declining influence will be accomplished throughout the project.  Do not exclude stakeholders with minor influence, as these are still important to recognize and will be categorized and managed differently in later analysis.

Some questions that are relevant for deciding who should be considered a stakeholder for the project:

  1. Will the person or their organization be directly or indirectly affected by this project?
  2. Does the person or their organization hold a position from which they can influence the project?
  3. Does the person have an impact on the project’s resources (material, personnel, funding)?
  4. Does the person or their organization have any special skills or capabilities the project will require?
  5. Does the person potentially benefit from the project or are they in a position to resist this change?
  6. At what point does the person have the greatest impact on the project?


My signature indicates approval of this Stakeholder Management Plan.


Different stakeholder groups have diverse interests and expectations in a project. Stakeholder management is the process of identifying, analyzing planning and implementation of stakeholder engagement actions. This process is vital in that it ensures that stakeholders are fully engaged in the various stages and decision-making processes of a project (PMBOK, 2017). This report explores a stakeholder’s management plan for The America got talent Contest. It is divided into the following sections Identify stakeholders, Plan stakeholder management, manage stakeholder engagement and control stakeholder engagement.  

Identify stakeholders

To come up with an effective stakeholder management plan requires that all stakeholders are identified. Stakeholder identification is carried out through a stakeholder analysis.

Project Sponsor

A project sponsor is an individual or group who avails resources and provides the necessary support for a project. The project sponsor will be the individual tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the America got talent contest meets its deliverables and intended benefits. He will exercise overall accountability over the project (Project Management Institute, 2017). The project sponsor will have a major influence on the success or failure of the project and will be involved from the initiation to the completion of the project. His main interest is ensuring that America got talent meets its intended objectives. He will play arbitration and decision making roles.

Project manager

A project manager is an individual who is tasked with the responsibility of planning for a project, procuring necessary materials and executing a project. He has the overall responsibility of managing a project. Among the responsibilities of the project manager for America got talent contest will include undertaking risk management for a project, assigning roles and responsibilities to the project team act as a link between the project sponsor and the project team and establish good working relationships among the project team (Project Management Institute,2013).He will lead to the success or failure of the  project based on his  ability or failure to coordinate project team efforts as well as facilitating effective communication between the project team and project sponsor. His impact will therefore be high.

Stage performance manager

The Stage performance manager for America got talent contest will be responsible for a couple of activities including the decoration of the performance stage and providing resources necessary for the smooth flow of the performances. He will also be tasked with the responsibility of scheduling performance activities. He will work with other team members under the supervision of the project manager to actualize the event. Depending on how well he carries on his duties, the contest will become a successful or a failed project. The impact of stage performance manager will be high


They have a great role to play in maintaining the scopes of the talent contest. They are the people who will be responsible for the execution of the project. The project cannot achieve its objective without their participation. They will be required to work on their performances as outlined in the project schedule. Their impact on the success or failure of the project will be high (Snyder, 2017).


The government will have two main roles in the project. The regulative role where it will be tasked with ensuring that the contest benefits the society and the participants alike by establishing the code of conduct for the players and setting up norms and regulations. It will also be responsible for providing a favorable environment for the America’s Got talent contest to take place successfully within the requirements (Zwikael, 2009).

Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers

These are the people who will be responsible for providing various equipment and machine to be used in the America’s got talent project including the sound systems, lighting systems and stage decoration materials. Since the success of the project will be partially dependent on the availability of the goods and services offered by suppliers, subcontractors and contractors it will be important to ensure that they are supplied with the right quality and quantity and within the established time and budget to avoid affecting the project’s scope. It will also be important to manage the relationship between them (Project Management Institute, 2017).

Top management

These are directors and other people with high stakes in the project. They will be responsible for directing the strategy of the contest. They will also provide the necessary support in the recruitment of the most talented personnel to complete the project by ensuring that various deliverables are met. Their impact on the project will be quite high

Stakeholder Analysis Register Snapshot:

Group Name

# in Group

Description & Key attributes

Impact on Project

Impacted by Project

Current State

Desired State

Issues, Opportunities and Risks

Mitigation Strategies and Actions

Project Team

Project manager

· Responsible for project planning, execution and control

High impact on Project success or failure

Sense of achievement or dissatisfaction

Hidden talents and unexplored identities

Ability to identify hidden talents and abilities

Potential project risks

Risk analysis


Project sponsor

· Concerned with overall accountability

High impact on project success

High impact from project success or failure

Hidden talents and unexplored identities

Ability to identify hidden talents and abilities

Create value for money

Effective control


Stage performance manager

· Ensuring smooth flow of performance

High impact on project success

High impact from project success or failure

Hidden talents and unexplored identities

Ability to identify hidden talents and abilities

Facilitate success of the project

Effective scheduling of performances


Top management

· Strategy management

· Provision of necessary support  

High impact on project success

Value for resources

Unexploited  talents in America

Ability for talented people to express their talent and abilities  

An opportunity to reward the most talented participant

Directing the project’s strategy



· Responsible for actualization of the project

High impact on project success or failure

Value for time, ability to express talents and abilities, financial rewards and recognition

Unavailability of a platform to display talents and abilities

Opportunity for  talented people to showcase unique abilities and skills

An opportunity to be rewarded be recognized for their skills

Giving an optimum performance



· Key regulator

High impact on project compliance

Sense of achievement  

Inadequate regulations in contest projects

Having in place sufficient regulations

Ability to make their influence heard

Adequate regulations across all project stages


Contractors, subcontractors and suppliers


· Providers of materials and services

High impact on maintenance of project scope

Sense of satisfaction

Unavailability of project services and materials

Provision of necessary materials and services

Ability to earn an income from their supplies

Timely delivery and quality maintenance

Stakeholder classification 

The possible stakeholder classification models will include power and influence, power and interest, Power, urgency and legitimacy, influence and impact  

Power/Interest Classification

Under power interest classification, stakeholders are classified according to the power they have on a project as well as their interest in the project or its outcome (Snyder, 2017).  Attributes to be considered are low interest, high interest, low power or high power.


Stakeholder Interviews

Interviews will be used to analyze the accuracy and completeness of the process of identifying and analyzing stakeholders. These interviews will be facilitated by the project manager and will involve the project team and other stakeholder groups

Plan stakeholder management

Stakeholder management is an important aspect for the successful completion of any given project. The process is concerned with the engagement of project stakeholders from the initiation of a project, throughout other stages to the completion of a project to facilitate support for the various project interests. After successful completion of stakeholder analysis for America got talent contest, all the necessary information to facilitate effective communication with stakeholders will have been gathered.. Stakeholder engagement throughout the project cycle will be the responsibility of the project manager.

Stakeholder Engagement

Current stakeholder engagement for America got talent project will be analyzed through PMBOK Stakeholders Engagement Assessment Matrix to ensure that the correct level of engagement for each stakeholder is achieved. The assessment of the stakeholders will be regarding their current engagement level and desired engagement level.  

























C-Current Engagement

D-Desired Engagement 

Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the process through which various stakeholders of a project are engaged in the course of the project to facilitate satisfaction of their needs and expectations. It involves building the necessary stakeholder engagement in the project activities from the initiation to the close of a project. The main reason why this process is important is that it enables project success through extended support from stakeholders (Zwikael, 2009).

Some of the activities that will be involved in the America got talent project will be ensuring that stakeholders are committed in all project stages, predicting future problems for the project and addressing any arising concerns throughout the various stages of the project and ensuring that the expectations of stakeholders are met by engaging them in communication and negotiation processes (Zwikael, 2009).Other tools will include effective communication, communication management plan, change log, organization process assets and stakeholder management plan.

Monitor stakeholder engagement

Monitor stakeholder engagement is concerned with monitoring of the relationships of project stakeholders and adjustment of plans and strategies for engaging stakeholders. The process focuses on how stakeholders can be managed and engaged effectively. Monitor stakeholder engagement for the America got talent contest will be carried out through meetings which will be chaired by the project manager and which will be used to engage and share information with stakeholders, use of project management information system to deliver information, expert judgment, work performance information, project management plan updates, etc (Institute, Project,& Project Management Institute,2012). The project manager will require sound interpersonal skills, managerial skills and communication skills to be able to monitor stakeholder engagement effectively.

Stakeholder Plan Updates

It is normal that stakeholder management plan and other documents for America got talent project might require being updated In the course of undertaking the project (Snyder, 2014).  The strategy used to manage stakeholders will be evaluated for effectiveness from time to time to enable identification of necessary changes so that the affected sections of the stakeholder management plan are updated to reflect these changes.

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