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L8194 Equality and the Law

Published : 28-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


This week essay argue whether or not America is becoming more equal. But the assumption underlying this argument is that equality is a good thing. And, of course, based upon Thomas Jefferson statement that We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal this has been our mantra even if we didnt always apply it equally.

What about our treatment of other nations? Does our mantra of equality apply to them? This week your written assignment is to resolve the apparent conflict between Thomas Jefferson statement that all men are created equal and the concept of “American exceptionalism.Should we accept one and not the other? Is American exceptionalism exceptional?


With the increasing ramification, equality is the right given to all the people around the globe. There are several facts and figures which are bifurcated by American exceptionalism and Thomas Jefferson’s phrase. Both statements are equally different from each other. Thomas Jefferson’s phrase put emphasis upon the right to equality to each and every person living in this world. On the other hand, American exceptionalism provides super tendency of United Kingdom. These two statements are equally different from each other and provide several facts and figures in determined approach.   

This essay puts emphasis upon all the facts of American exceptionalism. It is accompanied with one of three specific ideas (Jefferson, Looney &Haggard, 2014).  The first one is related with the fact that history of United Kingdom is different from other nations. Second is related with the fact that U.S. has unique mission to transform the world. At the last, third one provides that due to these special two facts, United America is superior to other nations (Jefferson, 2016). This American exceptionalism has provided that US is more superior to other countries. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson’s phrase reflects that all men are created equal. As per the statement given by Thomas Jefferson’s phrase, it is reflected that people should be treated equal in each and every country irrespective of their citizenship.  According to American exceptionalism, it is given that where people live in America is put superior to other countries. American exceptionalism do not support anti discrimination laws and equity law for the betterment of country.  It is observed that equality is not something that government grants or denies. As per the various international laws and regulations and Thomas Jefferson’s phrase it is given that equality is something that cannot be denied (Hadenius, 2015). Each and every person has a right to be treated equally. They have certain basic rights which are neither conferred by or nor derived from the state.  American exceptionalism has provided view that each and every person has legal equality but it is not limited to equality. It put emphasis upon the factual right. It reflects that American ideology of Americanism based on liberty, egalitarianism, individualism and democracy. Thomas Jefferson’s phrase has shown the complete inclination towards developing equal rights to each and every people living in world. It has shown that United Kingdom has moved to achieve full legal equality. However, as per the Thomas Jefferson, equality is hard to define but if one people are giving one right by the constitutional then the same right would be available for the other person irrespective of other facts. Now in the end it would be inferred that Thomas Jefferson’s phrase put emphasis upon the right to equality. On the other hand, American exceptionalism provides deep understanding about how United Kingdom is superior to other countries based on its three substantial factors.


Hadenius, A., (2015). American Exceptionalism Revisited: US Political Development in Comparative Perspective. Springer.

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