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J380 Research Methods

Published : 30-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


Why or Why Not Design Science is relevant to your topic (electronic prescribing safety at a hospital in Harrisburg. (pinnacle health hospital.



The design science is based on the information technology which works on the different specific guidelines and the evaluation purposes. It includes the iterations with the development and performance based on the artefacts. The design science also includes the algorithms, human computer interfaces along with focusing on different methodologies of the designing. The applications are set through the design methodologies which are important for the electronic prescribing safety at a hospital in Harrisburg. For the designing research, the major objectives are to improve the understanding and working on the human performance.


The objectives are based on developing the knowledge with the designing of the solutions and developing knowledge that the professionals could include. The design science is important for the description, explanation and the prediction for properly understanding the problem domains with the applications set for the designed artefacts. (Cross, 2001). The evaluation for the design process is based on how the expert works on the different activities which produce an innovative product. The artefacts enable the researcher to focus on the issues and evaluate it. This will also help in setting the designing along with the working on the improvement of the management and the academic research. The theory based research is also able to make the prescriptions which are for the production of better results like the design science research with the innovative products. The build-and the evaluating loop is based on the technological rule that is for the improvement of the management research. The guidelines are depending upon how the information system works for the problem domain and improve the utility standards. The performance is based on the construction and the evaluation where the research is through the management oriented activities. (Hevner, 2007).

The hospitals work on the e-prescribing factors as controls and then separating the e-prescribing wards as the tests subjects. The improvement of the workflow in electronic prescribing safety at a hospital in Harrisburg, (pinnacle health hospital) with the time said for the verification of the handwritten orders is for the patient information access. The outnumber costs is based on reducing any of the prescribing errors with the ultimate enhancement of the safety. The design science is important for the E-health records that will help in VPN and setting SSL that would be for the determining of the information which needs to be used for the network connection.

In electronic prescribing safety at a hospital in Harrisburg. (pinnacle health hospital), the transactions look for the patients, with the e-prescription of the security standards, where the e-prescribing functionality is based on handling the costs with the setup of the secured network. The e-prescription for the electronic processes is based on reducing any of the errors in medical terms, decrease the cost of the pharmacy and work on the improvement of the prescriber and the pharmacy efficiency. The effect of the e-prescription is for the patient safety and care that needs to be associated with the different factors of electronic prescription. With this, the other omissions are related to the designing research where there is a proper utility of the technology, and the design and the quality is maintained in a proper manner. (Peffers et al, 2007). The proper evaluation of the methods is based on providing a clear designing artefact, and the foundation which helps in the management of the technology based designs. The management oriented audiences are also able to work towards the presentation of the technology orientation, where there are ranges for the design logic, construction methods and the other tools. The designing research is also important for the management with the proper building and the evaluation of the system.


The research is also to make sure about the contributions between the activities of building and evaluating the research processes. Hence, for this, the range is based on the values and the emphasis is on how the research includes the use of IS professionals with the stakeholder groups in the society. The constructive research with the empirical research patterns are to address the subject of design science.


 Cross, N. (2001). Designerly ways of knowing: Design discipline versus design science. Design issues, 17(3), 49-55.

Hevner, A. R. (2007). A three cycle view of design science research. Scandinavian journal of information systems, 19(2), 4.

Peffers, K., Tuunanen, T., Rothenberger, M. A., & Chatterjee, S. (2007). A design science research methodology for information systems research. Journal of management information systems, 24(3), 45-77.

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