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ISTM283A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Published : 21-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Discuss the issues of availability versus confidentiality of the DR and BC plans. The recommendation is for all DR team members to have several copies of these plans, at the office and at home, and perhaps even in their vehicles to ensure that the plans are available for a sudden onset disaster.
Consider the confidential nature of these plans, and the financial damage that could occur if competitors obtained these documents.
How can an organization meet this objective and also protect this sensitive information? Consider accidental loss, employee resignation, theft, etc.



Disaster recovery (DR) planning is more reactive than other plans where disaster management team has acted quickly for controlling the situation. On the other hand Business continuity (BC) plan is more proactive where the organizational motives are the best controlling scenario that most of the organization has taken for their adverse situation (Searchdisasterrecovery, 2017). Disaster recovery planning is not so much effective in some of the organizations the case of interchangeable planning in the organization. In case of business progression in economy, DR policy is important and relevant to find the better business perspective for the sustainable business development.The BC policy, though used in the organization for mitigating risk related information an alleviate event controlling and disruption.


The proactive approach of DR plan and the recognized training for the understanding of recovery, crisis and implementation management situation is important for the employees to gain knowledge and imposed them in such conditions. The planning is pre-determined and involvements of all organization sectors are involved in that condition. Risk management team and their approach need to be analyzed by the management and imposed certain rule in the organization help the employees to maintain their organization (Sahebjamnia, Torabi & Mansouri, 2015). Challenging estimation and maintenance of the plan is mandate to confirm that actions are trailed by the risk assessment situation and suitable methodologies and values are used during appraisal and maintenance (Snedaker, 2013). For the better awareness in an organization, such situation is maintained by them by applying business continuity. Staffs, managers, and users are the policyholder and they have to impose the situation and traditional thinking of the strategy (Paton & Johnston, 2017). The dynamics of the organization and their related market filed can be attacked by some people so any disaster situation can be controlled by the effective use of these recommendations.  

The basic importance of BC and DR is to continue the business community and recover the gain positing in business as the enhancement of cyber threats and downtime decrease has been followed. These practices allow an organization to reform on its bases after difficulties happen, decrease the risk of data loss and reputational damage, and advance procedures while declining the chance of crises situation. The effective changes in technology and the planning over the technological updating is important for the better understanding. Disaster recovery plan needs to test in annually, as the reason behind the test is to evaluate the efficiency of technological gadgets that can be used in the disaster situation. Traditional Brick – and – Motor disaster recovery system can be introduced as a recommendation for checking the cloud-based test or decision-making the test that helps in the disaster situation (Torabi & Mansouri, 2015). Disaster is unnoticed in case of the organization that means in case of disruption of the organization, new scheduled tests, and planning needed to impose over the employees so that a grip on the employees would sustain.  


Therefore, it can be concluded from the above finding that Disaster recovery and Business continuity both are different from their selected issues, thus the representation of disaster objectives and consideration of employees have discussed in this essay. The onset disaster in not anyone hand, thus for the damage prevention possible recommendations and the establishment of plans are important as these are the proactive measure that introduced by the disaster recovery system for the better formation of business objectives.


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