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HRMT413 Employment and Labor Relations

Published : 26-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


Post a description of at least one reason the nursing staff in the case you selected might decide to unionize. Explain three steps you, as a nurse manager, could take to effectively respond to unionization attempts. Then, discuss HR’s role in helping to legally address labor relations and unionization attempts. Justify your response by citing past experiences with unions, union organizing activities, current labor policies, and/or this week’s Learning Resources.

Review the media pieces, “The Saga of Truly Good Hospital



At this hospital the nurse manager is overwhelmed with work and barely finds time to engage with the nurses. The nurses are pushing for a salary increment and they are worried about the stability of their jobs. The staffs seem to be aiming at forming a union or joining one that already exist.

The nurses unions (2009) explains that the goal of a union formation for nurses is to ensure that they form a bargaining unit that is has the capacity to push for salary increments with one voice as well as ensure that their jobs are secure since the union fights for their job security. The union creates a platform that gives room for deliberation on issues pertaining the employees with the employer. With regard to the law, the article states that supervisors and in this case the nurse manager is barred from joining this type of a union. The law stipulate a reason that the mandate given to the manager will compel the individual to act at the interest of the employer.

As the nurse manager, I would regard the unionization to be a heavy blow to the truly good hospital. Despite my ever tight schedule due to my dedication to deliver the services, such a menace call for a quick action. An immediate meeting will be convened with the nurses. During the meeting the nurses will appoint delegates to represent their grievances. To delay the unionization the next meeting will be convened two weeks later. On this meeting burning issues will be voiced. The nurse representatives, human resource manager and the nurse manger will strike a mutual beneficial position on the way forward.

The human resource will provide will provide assistance on labor policies and procedures as well as preempt on what the hospital can manage to offer the staff.

The bargain will focus on delivering the following;

Sustainable salary increment strategy such as the one adopted in multi-employer collective agreement (MECA) ("Establishment of Employment Relationships by Collective Agreement", 2010). This kind of strategy will be productive as it will take place based on the levels of productivity that are to be established by the human resource.

Sustainable, focused management and relationship between the nurses and the hospital management.

Building and coaching of competencies within the organization.

The above actions were also employed by the ministry of health and the council of trade unions in the tripartite agreement ("the nurse unions and patients outcome", 2017).


Fostering a healthy relationships and trustworthy is enhanced by addressing previous issues that could have led to the lack of trust between the hospital and the nurses. The multi-employer collective agreement signed by the district health board and NZN (New eland nurse organization) would not have been implemented were it not by first addressing the mistrust issues of the past.

Through the negotiations with the nurse’s delegates within the hospital, union formation efforts will be marred. This will prevent the nurses from joining the national nurses’ united (NNU). Joining of the NNU is far more detrimental than the inside union. Moreover, the meeting will help iron out other issues that the nurses feel that the hospital has not been delivering.


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