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HISTORY 23 American History I

Published : 26-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


Find the news current articles about some aspect of U.S history or culture (1865 or before).


The essay consists of the analysis of the culture and the history of United States. The information has been extracted from a newspaper and internet article. The culture and history of United States have variable view points and they have varied opinions. The history of the United States is extremely huge and it can be dissected into many events. The culture is also varied and different cultures have contributed into the making of the culture of the nation.

American history

While analyzing the history of the United States certain events cannot be erased from the scenario. It includes revolution that occurred in America and the Industrial Revolution. The American Revolution sometimes is referred as the American War of Independence and also the Revolutionary War. This was after this event that George Washington who was a politician then and a soldier became the first President of the independent United States in the year 1789. On the other hand the Revolution made way for the existence of United States and it changed the concentration of the economy and the development of manufacturing the products (Gilbert, 2014). The Civil War had a massive impact on the history of America. The consequences of the Civil War are still predominant in the entire United States and it is one of the most remarkable historical events of the nation.

Culture of America

America is the mixture of cultures. Different cultures have contributed to the making of the culture of America. While analyzing the culture the religion comes firstly in the minds of the people as it such an aspect that binds the people. All types of religions are practiced in U.S. Seventy percent people in U.S practice Christianity. There is no official language of the United States. All kinds of languages are spoken in United States. United States has a mixed culture. Cultures from around the world have influenced the American culture. In the same way in today`s world America have influenced the entire world. It has influenced the world to such a great extent that it is known as the western culture. The western culture in today`s world indicates the culture of United States and Europe (Deutsch, 2015).

Summary of the articles

In a recent interview to the Washington Examiner President Trump answered the real reason of the occurrence of the Civil War. The article consists of the remarks of John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff. He did this in an interview on Monday night with the Fox News Channel. Trump critiqued about his interview in his speech. Kelly opined that the Civil War erupted because of the inability to compromise; it is worth mentioning that the Southerners were insisting on keeping the black Americans enslaved. Slavery was the result of these incidents. It came into the land of United States with the Spanish and the English settlers. The Native American nations used the captives as slaves. Before the colonial period slavery was prevalent both in North and South America. Initially the Africans were indentured servants. Later they became slaves. It solved the economic problems for the planters. Soon after the Revolutionary War, the slave laws grew harsher than before. The worst chapter of the history of the United States is the worst chapter (City Journal, 2017).

The journal named `Race and America`s soul`, demonstrates the racial issues related to the culture of united States. It is the documentation of the racism of northern abolitions. New York senator and Governor William Seward made a famous abolitionist speech.  The racism remained a severe practice for a longer period of time. Racism was a practice that dominated the entire United States for a longer period of time. Today it is considered as an integral part of the region. Apart from all this it is a matter of fact that the racism has decreased to ninety percent. The best example of this is Barrack Obama, who won elections twice in America and became the president of America twice (Sheridan and Sheridan, 2017).


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