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HISTORY 23 American History I

Published : 07-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


"Old World globalization and the Columbian exchange: comparison and contrast."
"The columbian exchange."


Boivin, Nicole, Dorian Q. Fuller, and Alison Crowther. "Old World globalization and the Columbian exchange: comparison and contrast." World Archaeology44.3 (2012): 452-469.

Nocole Boivin and Alison Crowther are the professors from the School of Archaeology affiliated to University of Oxford. Dorian Q Fuller is the professor of Institute of Archaeology affiliated to University College of London. The authors have devoted themselves to write books on Archaeology. Even they have a fewer publications before.  It is one of the most comprehensive studies by the authors on the food globalization. The book explores about the episode of prehistoric episodes of Trans Eurasian of the globalization of food which is supported by the exchange of the starch crops which is of long distance. The authors drew the comparison with the Columbian Exchange, they particularly emphasized upon the role of the crops, which are fast growing while optimizing the productivity, gave consideration at a minimal rate to the other drivers (1) In this article, the authors further evaluated the timing and sequences of the exchange about trans Eurasian and emphasized upon a greater consideration to the dimensions of the translocation of plants. The model has been outlined about the the authors in this book about the translocations of the plants and the way they conceptualize the plants that they mentioned in the article changes through the passage of time, where the social factors are dominating in the earlier stage.

Earle, Rebecca. "The columbian exchange." The Oxford Handbook of Food History (2012): 341.

Rebecca Earle is the professor of History from the University of Warwick. Her researches are about the history of intellectual and cultural independent and colonial Spanish America. Her books reveal the importance of the food in terms of constructing the colonial expansion in the early stage of Hispanic world. Her recent book is the Body of the Conquistador: Food, Race and Colonial Experience in the year 2012. Her previous works also talks about the elite’s engagement of Nationalism in the 18th century. Her works include the Indians and Mythmaking in Spanish America from 1810 to 1930 and the Spanish Work of Independence (1810- 1825). In this book, the Columbian Exchange talks about the flow of plants, microbes and animals across the Atlantic Ocean and Beyond this particular geographical area. The term was coined in the year 1972 by Alfred Cosby, the Columbian Exchange accelerates historic Voyage of Christopher Columbus in the year 1492. Crosby used the term Columbian exchange to describe the process about the diffusion of Biology that arose across the colonization of America. The book also talks about how the Crossby in his book : Columbian Exchange and Cultural Consequences talked about a larger results arising from the transferring of the diseases, animals and plants that got ensued after the year 1492 (2). The book  includes a series of essays which are interlocking in nature, also documented the influence of the occidental World Plants and animals of America, propagation of the Foods of New World and how the colonization by European had resulted in the pathogen transmission. The forceful arguments have also been said to support the claim of Crosby that the significant result of the colonization by Europeans of the new world having the nature which is biological.


  1. Liu, Xinyi, and Martin K. Jones. "Food globalisation in prehistory: top down or bottom up?." Antiquity 88.341 (2014): 956-963.
  2. Su, Nan-Yao. "How to Become a Successful Invader §." Florida entomologist96.3 (2013): 765-769.

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