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HIST 158 History of American Immigration

Published : 17-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Show in one way how the thirteen colonies were influenced by their English heritage with respect to each of the following:

1. Law and court procedures

2. Individual rights

3. Structure of government

4. Religious beliefs


There were certain steps which were taken by the British Government for colonization in America. This colonization gave birth to thirteen colonies and these colonies were influenced by the English heritage in several ways.

Law and Court procedures: As magnacarta was the first constitution of England and there were many courts and laws which were based on it. The criminals were accused of crimes and they were put in front of juries and courts. These juries were involved in punishing the crimes and also giving death statements. This legacy has laid an important impact in the American colonies.

Individual rights: The colonial government in the thirteen colonies gave much more emphasis to individual freedom and rights of the people. The people were given the right to elect the representative government with the laws that were made by the group of people (Lindert & Williamson, 2013).

Structure of Government: There were three forms of government in the thirteen colonies. They were the charter, proprietary and the provincial government. The colonies were governed by the commission which was created at the pleasure of the king. The governor and the council were appointed by the crown. The assemblies consisted of several representatives which were elected by the landowners. The proprietary government was also governed like the royal colonies. 

Religious beliefs: Protestantism was the main religion of the thirteen colonies. The colonies were religiously diverse. The reformed tradition was the main foundation of the Presbyterian and the continental reform denominations. Many of the denominations were sponsored and handled   by the local Indians (Washington & Army 2014).


Lindert, P. H., & Williamson, J. G. (2013). American Incomes before and after the Revolution. The Journal of Economic History, 73(3), 725-765.

Washington, G., & Army, C. (2014). The American Revolution: 1775-1783. Vol. II. Boston: Little, Brown.

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