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HCS475 Leadership and Performance Development

Published : 31-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


Using Leadership to Improve Ethical Performance, you will conduct an interview with someone who you consider a leader (e.g., current or former boss, a pastor or spiritual advisor, a friend who can be considered a leader, etc.). You will then use the information that you gather during the interview to write about the leadership characteristics he / she possesses. 

Identify an individual in your community that you believe to be leader.

Contact the individual to determine if he / she will be able to participate in this project for school..

Schedule an appointment to conduct an interview.


Toyota Motor Company is headed and managed by Akio Toyoda who has been in that position since the year 2009.  Mr. Toyoda also as from 2016 has held the office of the director of Electric Vehicle the department of business planning. Toyoda has improved the status of the company over the years hence the company has resulted in being among the first operating motor company in the world. Akio Toyoda has propelled the company to form a success story of Toyota Motors due to his leadership style. In his practice, Akio has presented leadership in a transformational and entrepreneurial manner and usually practice good ethical behavior and performance in the workplace (Park, Streamer, Huang, & Galinsky, 2013).

Toyoda is a moral leader, and this is seen in his practice as a leader. His leadership style is driven by his individual virtue that drives his quest for success. The success motive is achieved through his leadership skill because he can navigate from being a transformational leader who inspires the workers towards working in line with the progress goals of the company and an entrepreneurial leader by behaving as a self-employed individual. During the running of the company the C.E.O Akio practices fairness and just at the place of operation because it is evident that he treats all the workers equally and also rewards them according to the amount of tasks accomplished (Sanchez-Runde, Nardon, & Steers, 2011). He is a considerate president as he listens to the opinions of his junior employees therefore during decision making he includes the helpful insights of the rest of the workforce into action. The president and C.E.O of Toyota Motor Company is a charismatic leader as seen in his practices through some of his utterances. For instance “I’ll try to make changes without being tied down by the past" to challenge the management of the Japanese office.  


Park, L. E., Streamer, L., Huang, L., & Galinsky, A. D. (2013). Stand tall, but don't put your feet up: Universal and culturally-specific effects of expansive postures on power. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49(6), 965-971.

Sanchez-Runde, C., Nardon, L., & Steers, R. M. (2011). Looking beyond Western leadership models: Implications for global managers. Organizational dynamics, 40(3), 207-213.

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