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HCMG850 Health Care Reform

Published : 22-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Describes how and where reciprocal inhibition might be used to improve patient outcomes in quality and improve patient safety.
Explains how using reciprocal inhibition may be an improvement in the culture of quality. Include any steps that will foster a culture of quality in an organization to become a high-reliability organization.

Recommend at least one strategy for overcoming the challenges of fostering a culture of high reliability.


Reciprocal inhibition is a therapy applied to influence an occurrence of a particular behavior response that is different from the occurrence of the another deferent behavior. For example a stimuli that triggers negative effects is incorporated alongside a desirable effect. Eventually  and with repletion the subjects intended to adapt to a particular behavior tend to associate the stimuli with the negative effect it has on them, thus learn to consistently act in a particular way to avoid the desirable effects.

Reciprocal inhibition in healthcare is evident in different practices and roles of the physicians towards the patients and tends to improve the patient outcomes positively. The process is critical in healthcare since it reinforces the physicians ability to help change the behaviors of the patients or other care providers in order to improve the quality of care as well as patient safety (Bradley et al., 2010). Reciprocal inhibition may be used in healthcare organizational settings to change the behaviors of patients with drug abuse problem or unhealthy eating problems to reduce the chances of negative health outcomes and promote patient safety and quality of care. Besides, it helps influence a culture of positive values and compliance with the set standards in healthcare to achieve quality in the care provided as well as patient safety (Jordan et al, 2009).

Most medical practitioners such as the doctors  can for instances make the patient change his or her character if the person is for example is suffering from diabetes  by advising and encouraging the individual / patient to stop taking foods with lots of sugar such as the chocolate and excessive starch (white bread) and start’s to encourage the patient to take more health foods such as the vegetables and thus by doing so  rewarding him or her for every time  health improves  by retain weight ( lack of weight ) and to make sure the patient receiving the insulin (Bradley et al., 2010).

The patient diet change can only be achieved as the doctor encourage him or her by setting a record every time the patient improves they earn points. By setting the patient goals to achieve can help the patient to even work twice as hard so that to improve their health situation. This self-competitive activity needs the patient to become healthy so as to be rewarded as over time it changes the lifestyle in terms of which foods to take it develops gradually as the patient is often encouraged to begin with three steps per day as you get used then they follow the entire procedure with time (Jordan et al, 2009).

In terms of improving culture and quality of an organization, we present a combination of the dimension of culture used commonly in extensive research and how these measurable extents of something can correspond to the specified belief and value that present participle management of quality. By doing so this can make the person feel closure to attain his personal goals and those of the organization. The public occurrences and increasing shortages are quite evident in care be about the quality and the aftermath of care has increased.

The ability to assess (initiate) are unlikely to achieve things aimed without explicit careful thought, typically over sometime for the multilevel to change that comprises groups, organization, team and larger environmental bodies. The undivided attention must be given to the issues of team building and  commitment  at every level. To give a better understanding of settle ways to think towards patient culture and safety and how attitude degree by the job status and hospitals.  In the well of the organization, they orchestrate to deliver better positive results which impact the organization and the person as well.

The best ways to address the challenges associating with culture and organization is to train and set up programs that upright frame associating with time to time activities of the organization. Among the multiple challenges are equipment neglected, deadline and constraints. By making all members of the organization acquire this skill and giving them the information about the organization and by doing so the organization can be easily overcome by the behavior change towards the processes fully established entities (Bradley et al., 2010).

Overcoming the challenges for the proper reaction towards main factors external and internal requires good planning and a standard process in various departments to avoid chances of competition. It is important to keep measures for progress in order to appreciate gains that were made by the organization. It is by keeping records of the day to day improvements that can be based on the expectations of the proper training of the medical staff with the knowledge so as to overcome challenges.


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