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HCMG841 Health Management and Economics

Published : 30-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


 Analyze a case study and construct a model for identifying performance improvement opportunities

The Performance Improvement process involves many steps, and management of the process is a critical element of success or failure. An important first step to identifying what improvement opportunities might exist is to identify the problem and who it impacts. We do this by examining sets of performance measures that relate to the situation, distinguishing what customers are affected, and evaluating how the current performance meets their needs and expectations. If customer needs are not being met, we then identify opportunities to improve performance to satisfy their expectations.

This assignment asks students to analyze a case study of a laboratory situation, and construct a model for identifying performance improvement opportunities using the process presented


Performance is an important area by that the success and failure of an organization can be determined. The major problem that the lab is facing is to deliver delayed reports or we can say they are not quick enough to report back.  The laboratory results in the hospital take a lot of time than expected. The doctor always writes STAT, URGENT, or ROUTINE on their slips so that the laboratory can able to know the expected time duration in which the reports are required. When STAT is mentioned on a slip that mean , reports are required in two hours, URGENT result takes approximately  six hours and ROUTINE result takes somewhere around twenty four hours. After understanding the meeting that held with performance improvement team, I came to know that there are several problems that leads in late lab results. All these problems include, unavailability of patient at the scheduled time for test, the time taken to pick up the order and transfer it to the lab, time taken in picking up the specimen from the drop box, time taken in picking up the results and time taken by doctor to get to know that results has come. One major problem is also there i.e. not using electronic health system for maintenance of health records and it consumes a lot of time. (Shaw & Carter, 2015)

At the time of creating performance improvement plan, there are many thing to keep in concern as it is a major aspect to be taken care. The first step is to identify the problem as problem identification is really very important so that a solution can be made out of that. The basic problem with the laboratory test is the delayed test reports and turnaround time to be taken to follow the process. This problem is may be related to untrained physicians and staff. The second step after identifying the problem is to identify performance measures. These are the measures to be undertaken so that performance improvement plan can be measured. Process measure refers to the steps that are undertaken to improve any particular process. It focuses on the best way to deliver services. Outcome measures show us the results of a particular performance improvement plan. In the given case, process measures are implacable as the problem of delivering delayed report is due to the slow process and outcome measures are implacable because it shows the impact of the steps taken.

This problem is affecting nurses, doctors and other staff members too. Doctors do not know that what step to be taken in absence of test reports. Nurses are affected as they have to wait for a doctor as doctor gives the instruction to them to treat their patients. Patients constantly ask nurses about their lab results as they want to get discharged but they cannot do the same as the lab results are in awaiting status. Lab people complaint that patients are not available when they reach to them to take blood samples, pickup boy does not do his work in a timely manner, nurses says she leaves the slips on time. If we see, no one is taking responsibility of this late turnaround time (Giannini, 2015).

The best solution to improve the plan is to keep all the people involved in the same and to use EHR. The EHR would help everything to be carried in an effective manner. The person who has to pick up the order has to login and check whether the labs are ready or not instead of going to pick up the order so that time can be saved. After that when the person drops the labs off, they can log into the computer to notify the technicians that there is something in pending status. Afterwards when technician done with the results, they can log in to the computer then the person who drew the lab results can notify the nurse so that she can convey the doctor about the same.

In this way, if everyone follows the system of logging in into the computer, automatically the process can be improved and the time involved can be reduced. By this system, it can be determined that which activity is taking more time so as to improve in that particular process.


Giannini, M. (2015) Performance and quality improvement in healthcare organizations. International Journal Of Healthcare Management, 8(3), 173-179.

Shaw, P. L. & Carter, D. (2015). Quality and performance improvement in healthcare: Theory, practice, and management, 6th ed. Chicago: AHIMA. 

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